The Items You Will Not Be Able To Bring Into Qatar

We are sure that you can guess which are items you will not be able to bring into Qatar. Since it is a country with strict rules about shipping items abroad, they will not allow many things. It is the reason why international moving companies recommend informing about legislation before moving. However, many of the forbidden items are on the same list in every country.

There are a lot of countries that forbid having a weapon with you at the board

Food and drink are among items you will not be able to bring into Qatar

Usually, countries are not happy when people want to bring food or drink. Not only that it is suspicious for many reasons, but it could also spoil and make other troubles. So, you should prepare for that and learn which items are not allowed. Also, you will see that countries have special legislation for food and drink.

  • Food is dangerous for many reasons in every country – besides the possibility of spoiling, it could contain poison or drugs;
  • Although magazines are a great thing, some of them are on the list of items you will not be able to bring to Qatar;
  • There are a lot of dangerous items that you will not be allowed to bring with you when shipping to Qatar.


It is obvious that in a country with Islam as the main religion you will not be able to bring alcohol. It is forbidden even in the country. So, you should prepare for it before start with packing. If you have other questions you should ask business movers Kuwait for advice.


For the same reasons as for the alcohol, you cannot bring port into Qatar either. It includes all products made of the port, like salami or sausages made of pork. International movers Kuwait still could provide you advice about items you want to bring with you, so ask them for more questions.

Seeds and spices

Although it seems like ordinary food, some countries do not allow the bringing of spices at their territory. However, it especially includes poppy seeds. The reason is the possible drug potential that these seeds have. Besides that, you cannot take mace and coca leaf either.

Although it is not a drug, poppy seeds are forbidden in Qatar

Items you will not be able to bring into Qatar that is forbidden in other countries

It is for sure that you will not be able to bring many items with you when coming to Qatar. However, you will see that most of them are forbidden in every country. Things like weapons or hazardous materials are among those things. No country will allow you to bring it to them.


All types and parts of weapons are on the list of the items you will not be able to bring into Qatar. It includes also narcotic and endangered species. You can imagine why is that. They forbid everything that points at illegal and immoral activities.