Tetris Packing Tips

Packing must be the most complicated part of each relocation. No one likes it; even more, people do not know how to do it right. Some waste space while others leave their fragile items unprotected. There is so much room for mistakes if you come unprepared and without help from local movers Kuwait. So, let us cover at least one part of the packing process and help you utilize all the room inside your containers. We present you; the Tetris packing tips. Let’s take a look.

What is Tetris packing?

Do you remember that old game where we stacked blocks in a row to gain points? Yes, the forever famous Tetris game is based on a lucrative way of stacking items into the container to utilize all the space given. And it does not matter what kind of container you have. It can be a shipping container, a wooden crate, a metal container, a plastic bin, or a cardboard box. The Tetris packing method can be applied to all containers and even to suitcases and duffel bags. And if you like to know more, either call one of the international moving companies and they will tell you all about it. Or keep on reading so we can tell you more about Tetris packing tips and how to apply them.

A person holding a Tetris game in hands
Stack items inside boxes as you would in a game of Tetris. Simple as that.

Tetris packing tips for beginners

There are a few things you must consider regardless of the way you are packing your items. Check out the following:

  • Your boxes shouldn’t exceed 50 lbs. in weight.
  • Items should never protrude out of the box.
  • You shouldn’t mix sturdy and fragile items.
  • Always use higher-quality packing tape and label each box adequately.
  • Never place heavier items on top of the lighter ones.
  • Hollow items should be used as additional containers.

Now, the last tip sounds funny but in practice is more than amazing. The most utilized example is your shoes. You can fill them with socks or even fragile items and place a buffer around them. The same goes for your vases, pots, and similar items. Just make sure to make a cushion inside and then place whatever you want. This way you can save up to 30% space across the board. Although, if you have a bigger budget, simply invest in a few additional packing boxes in Kuwait. It is safer that way.

How to apply your Tetris packing tips correctly?

Firstly, you must inspect all your items and figure out how much you have and then apply Tetris packing tips. Weigh bigger pieces and base the box around them. You can choose to have a bunch of smaller items inside a box, or one big and several smaller ones tucked to the sides. Your choice entirely and it will be based on the items you possess. For example, when packing clothing, set aside bulkier ones like sweaters. They should be the base of the box to provide cushion at the same time. You can use blankets, sheets, and kitchen rags, and you’ll have the same effect.

a woman applying the Tetris packing tips
Apply everyday packing techniques and add Tetris packing to it. The results will be astonishing.

Your books are the finest example of Tetris packing. All items that are similar in shape and size should go together. The same goes for paintings, dishes, clothing, shoes, etc. You can stack them nicely on top of each other and fill gaps with bubble wrap or other pieces of clothing. The goal is to stack as much as possible without endangering anything. And remember, you must have a cushion inside the box and each layer should have either bubble wrap or crimpled packing paper. The only items that are excluded from stacking are glasswork and expensive fragile items. We are talking about artwork, memorabilia, etc.

Moving companies have the best packing strategies

We understand if you want to skip packing altogether. It is boring, complicated, costly, and time-consuming. So, the solution is to enlist one of the residential moving companies Kuwait and let them do it instead. They have all the tools, equipment, manpower, and knowledge on how to do it right. Besides, they came up with the Tetris packing method in the first place. Therefore, invest a bit more and movers will bring all the materials and cover packing for you. All safely and affordable.

Now you know a few Tetris packing tips you can utilize when packing for moving. We are sure you’ll find many more guided by your situation and the items you have. Just make sure you are using a proper set of packing materials. Otherwise, you will jeopardize the entire process no matter what packing method you are using. Good luck.