Smart ways to reduce shipping costs

Working with shipping, moving, and cargo companies in Kuwait can be stressful sometimes. Simply because the price of your shipment can vary quite a bit when compared between companies. Some companies offer competitive prices and services while others scam with hidden fees and overinflated prices. And everything in and between. So, the question is – how to reduce shipping costs? Luckily, we have the answer. Whether you are a shipper or a customer, you will find this guide useful. Let’s dive right in.

Work only with reputable shipping companies

Nothing can reduce shipping costs like working with reputable shipping companies. There are quite a few out there. But you must find them first. At first, most companies look the same. But if you ask around, and read reviews, and social media groups, you will realize some companies are better than others. Or should we say, they have a better reputation? Yes, some companies will put an emphasis on customer satisfaction above anything else. Such companies work by the book and offer competitive prices as well. We recommend Easy Move Kuwait as one of the best shipping and moving companies on the market. But feel free to browse online for more and always check with several companies before you make the final decision.

work with reputable shippers and reduce shipping costs
Affordable shipping companies are out there. Find one and ship items at a premium price.

Negotiate to reduce shipping costs

One of the easiest ways to reduce shipping costs is to negotiate with the shipping company. Yes, it is more convenient to do everything online without having to talk with a real person. But if you have a specific shipment or a larger quantity, it would be smart to give them a call. And while you are at it ask them to reduce the shipping price. Simply ask for a discount or a better offer. Most companies keep discounts in their pocket until customers ask for them. Especially when you are shipping items like furniture.

A good example is international moving. If you are moving to a different continent, you will work with international moving companies. The more items you have, the higher the price. But you will easily reduce the moving and shipping costs if you simply ask for it. Most companies will keep their customers by providing a hefty discounts. Try it out and you’ll be most satisfied.

Get to know all fees involved and you will easily reduce shipping costs

There are far too many fees involved in shipping. You must know which ones are applied to your shipment. For example, there are hidden fees when switching carriers and couriers. The more companies involved in one shipment, the higher the price. Then, there are laws of the country you are shipping to or from. And there are fees related to the day of the week when your shipment was sent out. And many more legalities that can lead to a higher shipping price. So, find a good shipping company, purchase custom clearance services Kuwait, and let professionals cover everything. Although, whoever is handling your shipment, must include all fees in your shipping order.

person counting the budget
Be aware of the hidden fees. Realize the true cost and prepare for it or try to reduce it.

Know the package you are shipping

All shipping companies with an online presence have shipping calculators. All you must do is measure your shipping boxes, add those numbers to the calculator, and you’ll obtain the shipping price. Once you do, you can reduce the size and the weight of the box and reduce the shipping price in the process. Consult with your shipper on this one. If you ask the right question, they will explain thoroughly. Ask them if the shipping cost is lower if you use a smaller package. Most companies calculate the weight and the size of the package in the shipping price. So, be mindful of this one.

Now you know how to reduce shipping costs. As you can see, small things matter a lot. Simply finding the right provider can turn the tide. Let alone delving into this topic more seriously. Which you just did. Good job and good luck when shipping items.