Should you rent a storage unit without seeing it first?

Storage space is something that’s becoming more of a necessity than ever before. With our collective new lifestyles, where moving for work is becoming more common, a lot of people can’t go and see the services they wish to rent. More and more people rent apartments without seeing them first. Many people have really good experiences, but at the same time, many people have bad experiences. So, should you rent a storage unit without seeing it first? There are a few factors to weigh in, but we at Easy Move Kuwait would like to talk to you about it. Let’s go.

What to search for in a storage unit?

Your top priority is most likely that the storage unit is a safe space for your items. Many storage unit renters offer insurance. Also, most of the modern storage units Kuwait are not only climate-controlled but also have security cameras overlooking them. But, let’s go over some of the necessities of a good quality storage unit:

  • accessibility – When can you go to your storage unit? Is there 24-hour access? Can you go during the weekend? Find all these things out and make a decision based on your personal needs.
  • price – When renting a storage unit, look at the various prices that are offered. This way you’ll be able to see the average cost and decide from there. Also, you can search for specials, discounts, or even recommendations.
  • security – You won’t have to worry about this most likely. But still, are there cameras, is someone protecting the units in person? Also, always ask for insurance!
  • size – Size is something you will need to think of at home while looking at your items. If you’re storing a couch, for example, you need to be sure it can fit into the storage unit. A measuring tape will help you take care of this step.
  • location – Most often, storage units on the outskirts of the town are much cheaper. If you’re storing something you won’t need often, consider getting a cheaper storage unit that is far away.
  • customer reviews – Search through what current and former customers say about the storage facility.

Men working in a warehouse

What if you need to rent a storage unit without seeing it first?

More often than not, if you’ve seen one storage unit, you’ve seen them all. The only thing that differs is sizing and maybe the colors of the walls. If you found a good warehouse Kuwait for your items, find out which sizes of storage units they offer. An easy way to bypass the complication of not being able to see your unit in person is to just go and see a storage unit of the same size in your city.

You will need to measure the items you need to store and create a list of necessities before settling on a storage unit. We’ve already gone over what you need to think of, but the most important thing is size. If you were to measure everything you need to store and think of a way to organize everything, you’ll be able to rent a smaller unit. If you are in the situation of trying out a storage unit at your current location, all the better. It is a bit of work, but it will ensure 100% that your future storage unit can hold all of your items. Just think it over.

How long do you need your storage unit for?

A trap many of us fall into is using a storage unit for way too long. If you’re planning on storing indefinitely, until you do something else with your items, then this doesn’t apply. But if you’re storing something you need and never go and take any of the items out and end up storing for a year or two, maybe it’s time to get rid of those items. You obviously don’t need them.

A picture of storage units
Calculating the exact size of storage unit you need will help you pick one out without seeing it.

How to save space when you rent a storage unit?

Let’s go over some of the tips on how to save room when filling up your storage unit. Packing your items more efficiently will grant you so much more storage space that you will be surprised. So, how should you go about organizing your storage unit?

  • Disassemble furnitureDisassembling furniture will grant you smaller pieces to place into your storage unit. For example, removing legs from your chairs and tables already makes all the difference.
  • Stack items – Most storage units have pretty tall ceilings. A good idea might be getting stackable plastic storage bins for your items. The bins will make sure there are no dents in your items and they are protected from moisture.
  • Fill empty spaces – If you have a dresser or wardrobe in your storage unit, you can place a lot of smaller items inside. Why leave the space empty for no reason?
  • Leave some space for walking – This isn’t completely necessary. Especially if you’ve arranged your storage unit so that all the things you need are right at the front, there is no need for a makeshift hallway. But, if your items are all of equal importance, leaving some walking room will make it easier to access all of the things you’re storing.
Packed storage unit
Stacking items in your storage unit will save a lot of space.

Your heavy equipment movers will be able to help you out with any heavier appliances you need to transport to the storage unit. Always work smarter, not harder. Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

We hope we’ve helped you decide whether you should rent a storage unit without seeing it first or not. It is always safer to see it, of course, but you can get the same results by seeing one of the same sizes. Good luck!