Custom Clearance Fees and Charges Explained

Moving or going into a new country is not as simple as moving into a different city. Aside from the, much larger, distance you are moving to, there are different rules you have to know before moving into a country. As every country has different rules on the people that come in, goods that are imported or exported, it is crucial that you know these things before starting the move. Yes, moving companies, like Easy Move Kuwait, will ensure you have a positive relocation experience. However, professional movers cannot help you get across the border. Hence, today we discuss the custom clearance fees and charges you will face.

Custom clearance fees and charges you will have to pay when moving into a different country

It should come as no surprise that you will have some additional expenses when moving from one country to another. Moreover, you should also be aware of the customs in that country and how to get past them. Additionally, every item you bring into the country or export items there will require you to pay a certain fee and go through some of the main procedures when at the customs. Researching and learning more about the rules, regulations, and expectations from customs of the country you are moving into can save you a lot of trouble. The country of Kuwait is an emirate in the Middle East, so you should expect slightly tighter rules than in other countries.

The importing fees

The first fee we want to talk about is the import fee. Namely, we live in an age of eCommerce. This means that a lot of people are using the internet to purchase products and goods from all around the globe.

a big dock full of shipping containers to represent the custom clearance fees and charges
Be sure to learn the taxing duties for specific items before you enter any country

Usually, the import duty for items would be 5% of their C&F value. The C&F value represents the Cost of the goods and the Freight of the goods. Hence, you will pay the duty of 5% on the price you paid for shipping and purchasing or creating the item you are sending. Much like with cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia, there are items that you cannot ship into the country.

Custom clearance fees and charges do not have to impose an issue

You can enter the country of Kuwait without actually having to pay any custom clearance fees and charges. Namely, entering the country of Kuwait with goods that value less than $1.000 will not require any fees you need to pay. Of course, this will all be estimated by the customs officers upon your arrival.

Medicine and food will also be duty-free. However, if you were to bring tobacco into the country, you would have to pay a 100% duty. If so, you should prepare for high freight rates.

a man in a grey shirt counting his money
Alongside certain items, bringing goods that are valued at less than $1.000 will allow you to enter duty-free

The list of forbidden items

If you are to ship items into Kuwait or visit the country, it would be wise to know what you cannot bring into the country. Logically, custom clearance fees and charges will not apply here, but much harsher issues might occur. So, if you get in touch with custom clearance services Kuwait, they will tell you not to bring:

  • Drugs or any form of narcotics
  • Firearms or any form of weapons
  • Alcohol and pork products
  • Any gambling equipment, etc.

To be sure, either consult with your customs clearance company or do the research yourself. In the end, bringing any of these items will cost you a lot more than any charge or fee.