Shipping a car to Kuwait from the USA

If you require shipping a car from the USA to Kuwait, you will need to get yourself informed before getting into the process. Kuwait, formally known as The State of Kuwait, is an Arab country in Asia, bordering Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kuwait is not a large country but is known to have one of the best logistic infrastructures in the Middle East. Its two main ports, which will be the point of entry for your cargo, are Shuaiba and Shuwaikh. If you want your car shipping Kuwait experience to be flawless, familiarize yourself with rules and regulations of the country. Finding a reliable and affordable company is also a factor when you need your car shipped from the USA to Kuwait. Last, but not least is the value of your cargo. Don’t be cheap when choosing a shipping method, if you want your car to arrive in good condition. 

View of the port full of containers
Choose the port in Kuwait you want your car                                     shipped to

Rules and regulations for shipping a car to Kuwait from the USA

Since shipping a car to Kuwait from the USA is an international venture, you need to be more careful. The laws of your country will not apply in this case. You might want to find an attorney, to go through certain law requirements with you. The shipping company you choose will also be able to answer the majority of your questions. Movers need to comply with the law of the country they are shipping cargo to, therefore are familiar with requirements. One of the most important things you need to be familiar with are custom clearance services Kuwait. That way you will know the amount of paperwork you need for this shipping venture and if you are even a proper candidate to apply.

Things to know before applying for Kuwait car shipping

  • If you are not a Kuwait citizen, you will not be able to import your vehicle without the sponsorship of Kuwaiti employer
  • Request to import the car needs to be under the employer’s name
  • Your vehicle must be under 5 years of age, and if you own a truck, maximum age is 10 years
  • All relevant paperwork requested by Kuwaiti customs are issued to you by IPA

Required documentation

If you fit under the above requirements in terms of vehicle age and sponsorship of your employer, it is time to start gathering documentation. For some of the below you will need a month, so start the applying process on time:

  1. Valid Driver’s License
  2. Copy of your passport
  3. Purchase invoice
  4. Valid car title
  5. Certificate of registration
  6. Proof of ownership
  7. Bill of lading
  8. Power of attorney
  9. Import certificate
  10. Certificate of origin
Documents required for shipping a car to Kuwait from the USA
Prepare all your documentation in time


Finding a reliable company for your vehicle shipping to Kuwait

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing a cargo company that will be responsible for shipping your automobile to Kuwait from the USA. One of them is certainly the urgency of your need. But the more urgent your vehicle shipping is, the more pricey it will be. It is best to try and find the middle ground between these choices. First of all, you need a company that is familiar with the laws of Kuwait, so you can avoid a headache during this transportation. Second of all, you need a company that offers the widest variety of methods for you to choose from. Another important thing is, of course, the price cargo company is charging for its services. You should be looking for a legitimate price when compared to the level of service offered. Finally, you want your automobile to arrive in Kuwait in the same condition it started its journey with. Look for a cargo shipping company that offers good security for your valuables and also potential storage service.

Methods of shipping a car from the USA to Kuwait

In terms of the ways your cargo can be transported from the USA to Kuwait, there are only two options: ocean and air freight. Air transportation is very much straightforward and will be the priciest but also the quickest option. You can expect your vehicle to arrive in 7-10 days using air freight. Ocean transportation, on the other hand, has a longer period of wait (6-8 weeks) and two methods to offer:

  • Roll on Roll off method (also known as Ro-Ro, not available at all ports)
  • Use of containers (for both single and multiple vehicles)
Airplane carrying cargo
For quickest solution choose air freight

Shipping prices

The shipping price will depend on the method of freight you decide to use. The average costs for shipping a car to Kuwait from the USA range somewhere from $3000 to $6500. Prices can vary depending on your vehicle weight and the season of the year. We recommend saving yourself from the costs of ground transport, by driving your vehicle to one of the nearest ports. If you decide to use the container for your automobile, costs will vary between sole 20ft container and the 40ft one, with the latter being more affordable. If you decide to transport your car to Kuwait using air freight, prepare to spend much more money, but to also have your vehicle delivered in the shortest period of time.

Securing your cargo

We know that the price you need to pay and turnaround time for your car transportation is important. But what is also very important is your vehicle security during shipping to Kuwait from the USA. You obviously want your automobile to arrive in the same condition as when you had it shipped. The best way for preserving your vehicle is to have it loaded into the container. This will be a bit more pricey compared to the Ro-Ro method, but you will definitely be calmer. Also, this way you will be able to load more things along with your car if necessary, as it will be more secure than just leaving your car on the deck.


Now that you have learned all that you need to know about shipping a car from the USA to Kuwait, you can start preparing with ease. If your vehicle is a valid candidate for applying for this service, just make sure you start preparation on time. Just be very specific to the hired cargo company about your desires and financial possibilities, and we are sure you will have a great experience!