Popular occupations in Kuwait City

Kuwait City is a bustling city located on the south side of the Kuwait Bay. With over 2.4 million residents it’s the largest city in Kuwait. It’s filled with high-rise buildings, beautiful parks and gardens, and many luxury hotels. Its seaport is one of the busiest in this part of the world and is used for by many oil tankers and cargo ships carrying everything from food to luxury items. All this economic activity has opened up many job opportunities, both for the local population and foreigners. Therefore, there are many popular occupations in Kuwait City to choose from. From maintaining the infrastructure to sales and IT. But, no matter what your specialty is, you will have no problems finding work here.

There’s a wide variety of popular occupations in Kuwait City

If you are looking through popular occupations in Kuwait City looking for something for you, you will soon realize one thing. No matter what your specialty is, you won’t have much trouble finding a well-payed position. So, if you are relocating to Kuwait as a foreigner there’s a lot to choose from. Some of the more popular occupations are in the hospitality industry, sales, maintenance, banking, and many others. So, pull up your sleeves and find something that will both fulfill you professionally and make you happy.

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Kuwait City has many different job profiles to offer

Find a job that suits you

No matter where you are looking for a job, be it Kuwait City or New York City, it needs to suit you. It shouldn’t always be about money. While it is important, what’s more important is that you see yourself in that industry. That’s the only way for you to grow and advance. So, look for jobs that will allow you to do further development. Jobs where you can get proper experience and advance through the ladder. Kuwait has a lot of education opportunities if you need it in the future. For your first job in Kuwait, you should focus on gaining a foothold in this economically active country.

To move and look for a job or the other way around?

The age-old question is whether you should first move to a country and look for a job, or find it and then relocate. Both options have their merits. If you move to Kuwait, you will have a much better chance of finding work that suits you. On the other hand, it’s easy to find and hire top shipping companies in Kuwait and move in a matter of days if you find something that perfectly suits you. That’s a decision that you have to make on your own. Just don’t let your job hunt drag on for months and years. Even if the job is not perfect, you can always advance or find something that suits you better.

What are the most popular occupations in Kuwait City?

As already mentioned, there are many industries that are either developed or are developing in Kuwait City. From banking to geology, this city has almost everything to offer.  So, if you think you are qualified, don’t hesitate to apply to one of the open positions.

Maintenance and repair

With such a booming economy, Kuwait has experienced large growth over the years. A lot of infrastructure projects have been completed and now need maintenance. Kuwait only has a population of around 4.1 million people. This is not enough to satisfy a growing economy. And companies are always looking for skilled workers. So, it’s no wonder that maintenance and repair is one of the popular occupations in Kuwait City.

Piping and a wrench - maintenance and repair is one of the popular occupations in Kuwait City
With a growing economy, maintenance and repair is one of the most popular occupations in Kuwait City

The job descriptions vary greatly, depending on where you apply. So, you can be in charge of maintaining buildings, vehicles, equipment or something completely different. But, if you are handy and have some experience, you won’t have any trouble finding work. When applying for jobs like this make sure you list all your past experience. It will be a valuable sign to a potential employer that you are ready for the task at hand.

Get a job in sales

Kuwait’s economy is rapidly growing. That is allowing many people to afford luxuries that their parents or grandparents probably couldn’t. And that has created a small shopping boom in the country. So, it’s no wonder that there are many places for shopping in Kuwait. All those stores are in a desperate need for experienced salespeople. And if you think that you are up to the task, don’t hesitate to apply.

With sales being one of the most popular occupations in Kuwait City, there’s no shortage of job positions. Most of them are in retail. From electronic stores to clothing stores. So, even if you don’t have much prior experience, you will be able to find a job where you can learn and advance.

IT sector is also one of the popular occupations in Kuwait City

Just like almost anywhere else in the world, the IT sector is always on the lookout for skilled workers. And with high rewards for the best people, it’s no wonder that IT engineer is one of the most popular occupations in Kuwait City. And here as well job vary greatly. From maintaining the computer systems in various companies to programming.

server room
IT industry is always on the lookout for skilled workers in Kuwait City

The experience in this sector is not as important as in some other industries. What’s important here is the skill. Therefore, if you have it, looking for a job will be a breeze. There are many both IT and non-IT companies that are always looking for talent. Just make sure you properly protect your hardware when moving. Kuwait is notorious for sand storms, and it can ruin almost all electronics if it gets inside.

Hospitality industry

Even though Kuwait is not among the most visited countries in the world, the situation is slowly changing. As the economy of the country grows, so does the hospitality industry. Many companies have their offices in Kuwait City. So, the city has to have enough hotel infrastructure to satisfy the needs of business visitors.

Working in the hospitality industry is especially interesting since you get to meet and work with people from all over the world. It offers lucrative incentives and you don’t need specific work experience. All you have to be is pleasant and ready to take on the challenge of making someone’s stay special, and that is why it’s one of the most popular occupations in Kuwait City.