How to avoid Kuwait moving scams

There are so many companies in moving business nowadays. Some of them offer quality services, some don’t. Therefore, you need to be quite careful when hiring movers in Kuwait. However, no low-quality moving company can harm you as fraudulent movers can. Hence, not only that you should check the quality of moving services in Kuwait you consider hiring, but also the reliability. If you deal with moving scams, you could experience so many troubles, starting with charging you a lot more than you agreed to, to stealing your items. This is why we are here! We shall discuss the best ways to avoid Kuwait moving scams. Read on and learn how to hire a decent moving company you can trust. 

Hire reliable movers to avoid troubles to avoid searching for button 'get me out of here' on your keyboard
Be careful – Hire only reliable movers

How to recognize fraudulent movers?

Moving scams are getting more difficult to recognize every day. This is why you need to do a thorough research of several moving companies before you hire one. To help you discover a moving scam on time before you get scammed, we will mention a few red flags to spot:

  • Answering the phone/email without company name – Hiding the name of a company is definitely a bad sign.
  • Demanding a large up-front payment – An up-front payment is something many companies require, especially when hiring them months in advance. But a large sum is something you should be careful about.
  • Asking you to sign a blank or incomplete contract – What other reason a moving company could have to offer you to sign an incomplete contract.
  • The moving company has no website – The most of Kuwait moving scams are connected to moving companies with no websites or with no local address for their website.
  • Refusing to provide you with an estimate – Hiding actual price commonly points to the moving fraud.
  • They come to your home with a rental truck – If a moving company comes with a rental truck, you should immediately raise red flags.
Make sure you spot the red flags for Kuwait moving scams
Watch for the red flags

Hiding company name

Many Kuwait moving scams can be recognized by how they answer the phone or mail. For example, if they answer only with ‘a moving company’, ‘the movers’ or something similar, chances are that they are far from reliable. We would recommend, if not walking away from them, then asking them why don’t they answer with a company name.

A large amount of up-front payment

Almost every moving company insists on some kind of deposit if you are hiring them for a moving date weeks or months in advance. This way, they are making sure you won’t cancel the deal close to your moving date. However, if this amount is a large percentage of your overall moving costs, you should think twice whether or not you should deal with such a company.

No website – almost a clear sign for Kuwait moving scams

Nowadays, one of the best ways to check on some company is searching for them online. All reliable moving companies in Kuwait know this, so all or the most of them have websites with at least basic information about them and about the moving services they provide. This is why, in case some moving company has no website, you should discuss with them why is that the case, or simply again – walk away. It’s too risky to deal with someone you’re not completely sure you can trust. Hence, in order to avoid moving scams in Kuwait, you should pay attention to all details.

No moving estimate- no reliability

The most of people consider the matter of moving costs to be the most important information to gather before they hire the movers. Reliable and honest movers take care of providing the customers with such information from the first step. Hence, no matter whether we’re talking about the local or long-distance move, having an information about the overall costs helps a lot. It allows you to calculate your moving budget and prepare for all the forthcoming costs. If you don’t have an idea about the amount of money you’ll need, you could get yourself into a trouble.

Reputable companies don’t come to your home with rental trucks

If the company comes with a rental truck, it probably isn’t reliable enough. Now, it would appear to be a new company, with no moving fleet, but would you really risk to get into a Kuwait moving scam just because of such reason? We recommend you to refuse to allow the movers to enter your home if that happens. However, you should check this way before your moving day. Visiting the headquarters of your moving company would let you see what moving vehicles they use is something we’d suggest. That way, you would see if they have quality moving vehicles or not. And this is one of the most important things when it comes to hiring quality movers.

So, how to make sure you avoid Kuwait moving scams?

Ask your friends and family to recommed a reliable moving company
To avoid moving scams, make sure you use reliable sources when searching for movers

Now that you know what are the red flags for fraudulent movers, you’ll know how to spot them. But how to find those moving companies you can trust? Here are some resources we would recommend:

  • Ask your family or your best friends for recommendations. There are great chances that at least some of them moved recently, so they can recommend some moving company, or at least advise you what moving company you should avoid.
  • Your acquaintances are also a good source of information. Surely, you can’t trust your colleagues from work same as your family, but you can still trust them enough to get recommendations for moving companies you can rely on.
  • Other resources – Such as ads, the internet etc. are not that reliable, but you can get several companies to choose among. After that, make sure you do a thorough research on their background, so you would avoid hiring fraudulent movers.

In fact, do a background check for all movers. No matter if your friends recommended them, or you found them on the web. Your belongings and your safety are at stake, so you should be quite careful. Kuwait moving scams could cost you a fortune. Do everything to avoid them, and watch for any red flag! If you need some further information, feel free to contact us. As a responsible and reliable moving company, we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.