Moving to the UK from Kuwait – pros and cons

Moving is never an easy task – even when you do it locally. Packing up your things, putting them into boxes, loading, unloading the truck, unpacking – there is just so much to do! Imagine then that you have to move to another country! You can guess that there is a ton more stuff that you need to take care of before and after you are done moving. However, there is an easy fix for this. First, you can get good international movers Kuwait to help you with every task you have. The second thing you need to do is read up and learn as much information as you can about the moving process. If you are doing that – then this article is for you! Today, we talk about moving to the UK from Kuwait.

Before moving to the UK from Kuwait

There is a lot of paperwork that you will need to fill in in order to move to the UK from Kuwait. First, you need to check your visa requirements. You can do that on the UK Government website, where you can fill in an online form. This form will help you pick the visa you need, and guide you through the process of obtaining it. Getting a job in the UK prior to moving here will help you a lot in obtaining your visa, so make sure you look into the job market. Don’t forget to get a valid passport, as well. Without it, you cannot really travel internationally.

A computer to do your research on moving to the UK from Kuwait.
The internet is your friend when researching information about moving to the UK.

Find a place to live in the UK

Before moving to the UK from Kuwait, you should also look into where you will be living. However, there are a couple of disadvantages of living in Kuwait while looking for a home in the UK. First, you cannot really visit the property up front – unless you travel to the UK. When you are buying a property, you should be able to take a detailed look at the house – as well as the neighborhood. It can tell you a lot about the place you are considering to buy. If you only get the feeling of it from the photos, then you might end up spending a lot of money and regretting it soon after.

However, you can always book a hostel or a hotel, or stay with some friends while you are looking for the perfect accommodations. Another viable option is to find a rental house. Look for these a few weeks (or months) in advance. After your lease period is over, you will know if you want to stay in one of these homes or if you prefer to move and/or get your own place.

Plan for the move to the UK

After you have figured out how you will live in the UK, it’s time to start preparing for the actual move. First, you will want to brush up on your language skills. One of the disadvantages (or advantages, depending on the person) of moving to the UK from Kuwait is that the official language of the United Kingdom is English. And even though people do speak Arabic in certain communities, you will most probably have to speak at least some level of the English language in order to live a normal life.

Then, it’s time to start looking for some moving and shipping companies in Kuwait. These are the people that will help you pack up your life and transport it across the continent to the UK. So, make sure you get a company you can rely on. They need to be punctual and efficient with your time. Also, they should offer you some sort of insurance for your items and guarantee their safety during travels.

A notepad and a laptop on a desk.
Make a thorough plan to make your move easier.

Think about your pets

If you are living with a pet, this will be the perfect time to check the requirements for its travel on the UK Government’s website. Your pet will need the following:

  • a microchip,
  • rabies shot (more than three weeks in advance),
  • EU pet passport or Kuwait’s veterinary certificate – so your pet can be moving to the UK from Kuwait,
  • your puppies will need a tapeworm treatment.

Some countries also require a blood test 3 months in advance, and then once again a month after the rabies vaccine. You will also need to worry about the weather in which you are transporting your pet. This is usually done during the cooler months, so the pets don’t overheat and get in danger.

After moving to the UK from Kuwait

There are a couple of things you need to do after you arrive in the UK from Kuwait. First, you will need to figure out the public transportation systems or get a car. One advantage of living in the UK is that public transportation is usually pretty reliable. This applies both to London and other larger cities. However, parking and petrol prices can be quite difficult while you are getting used to living in the UK, so you might want to go on the bus or train. If you go by car, you will also need to figure out what to do with your current license.

A metro sign.
Public transport is easy to figure out.

You will also need to set up your new bank account. Visit your bank and explain you are moving to the UK. See if they work in the UK, or if you will need to work with the new bank.

Finally, after moving to the UK from Kuwait, you will need to unpack after the move. There are many ways in which to go about doing this, but try to take it slow. Sometimes, you will be in a rush to get everything done as soon as possible, but this is an opportunity to restart your life. Get every box to its appropriate room, and be careful with where everything will go. These first few weeks will probably shape your experience of the UK. This is why you need to make sure you are living in a safe and comfortable environment.