Moving to Dubai – what’s there to know?

Did you ever consider moving to Dubai? The best advice you can get no matter where are you came from is to leave all your biases behind.  Even if you are moving from Kuwait to Dubai, you will see a lot of differences. Although there are similarities in culture and religion between these two countries, living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an experience like no other. Well-known Gulf nation has plenty to offer to its resident and expats from all over the world. Dubai is home to a wide range of nationalities. Besides, the nightlife is to rival London and New York, and absolutely zero income tax. Let our Easy Move Kuwait experts help you prepare for relocation to Dubai. Here we gathered some interesting facts you should know before moving to Dubai.

Get yourself prepared for moving to Dubai

If you are moving to Dubai from Kuwait, we will support you and help you create a moving plan. The first thing you need to do is to check your passports are valid. Secondly, apply for a visa if you need it. Also, check customs regulations and learn which things are prohibited from importing to Dubai. Therefore, your shipping from Kuwait to Dubai does not have to be a problem if you have professionals like us to help you out. We can provide you with any important information before moving to Dubai. Also, this article contains important facts you should know before you start preparing for life in Dubai.

Soon this place you will call home.


Dubai is like no other city in the world, full of life, energy, and surprises in every corner. There is no doubt, you need to get ready for a vibrant city where hustle is a common word went describing your day. Get yourself prepare to have a busy and often hectic routine. The city’s residents live a fast-paced life, indeed.

The cost of living is very expensive

In case you are moving to the Gulf nation for work, you are most likely heading to Abu Dhabi or Dubai, where the majority of the jobs are. What you need to know is that sometimes people don’t imagine just how expensive the cost of living is here. And while you are preparing your budget for hiring residential movers, you may get surprised by prices in Dubai. Things like rent, groceries, and bills could be unexpectedly high here. So it is crucial not to be dazzled by being offered a much higher salary than the ones in your home country. Unfortunately, the amount might just cover the essential bills for a decent living and you might get disappointed. Many uninformed people move to Dubai thinking that they could earn so much money for a short period while they don’t count monthly expenses.

Moving to Dubai
The cost of living here is very pricey.

On the other hand, many expats in Abu Dhabi or Dubai have typically come to the UAE to work in accounting, finance, or IT.  Unless you are working for a multinational company like Microsoft, DHL, FedEx, Marriott or Hilton Worldwide, which all have offices in the country. Luckily, there are many bonus features when it comes to working in the UAE. As well as the tax-free income, as an employee, you can expect many benefits working here. For instance, many companies offer their employees benefits such as a housing allowance, contributions towards your kids’ school fees, medical insurance. Moreover, even free air tickets back home.

Moving to the Gulf nation with family

Moving with a family is a challenging task. It means you have to put an effort to prepare every family member for an upcoming move. Either you already decide to move to UAE, you might be interested in family life here. You are probably wondering is there family-friendly entertainment in the UAE? Of course, there are plenty of fun activities for all the family to enjoy, including various sports.

As in many cultures, the family is highly valued in the Gulf nation. Dubai will give you an easy way to bond with locals and other colleagues. When it comes to education, you will be encouraged to find a private or international school for your kids. English is widely spoken in the UAE, which will make things easier no matter where are you came from. In the end, if you are concerned about your children suffering a culture shock or having to adapt to a new curriculum, there no reason to be a worry. In terms of education, Dubai like the rest of the UAE has a lot to offer.

As long as you have a salary which allows you to enjoy all that this nation has to offer, you will be completely satisfied. It means you can respect the country’s laws and religious customs, Dubai will be a wonderful home to you and your family.

Do you need to learn Arabic?

Even when you are on vacation in any foreign country, it is easy to learn a new language. So if you pick up some Arabic, you will find it easier to bond with colleagues and locals. As with any other country in the world, learning some of the languages shows that you respect the place and its people. However, English is widely in use, and many expats in Dubai means that you’ll always have a community available to you if you need it.

Moving to Dubai means that weekends are Friday and Saturday

For many newcomers and tourists, this will probably be shocking at first. Although weekends in a lot of countries in the world take place on Saturday and Sunday, this is not the case in the UAE. The working week starts on Sunday and weekends are on Friday and Saturday. Wondering why is that? It is all because Friday is a holy day in Islam. That means people should not work on this day.

Moving to Dubai
Here you will see many majestic Islamic temples.

As you will be living in an Islamic country, it is natural to meet all rules you should respect. Besides, Ramadan will affect you, regardless of your religion. So prepare yourself for the month-long fast of Ramadan each year in the spring. During Ramadan time everyone is banned from eating, drinking, or smoking in public. This includes you, making it one of the most important things to know about the UAE. You can eat at work but do so away from people, in a private section of the office.

Always follow the country’s rules

Moving to Dubai means this is a must. For anyone who wishes to stay in Dubai and stay away from any trouble, it is important to always abide by the country’s and city’s rules. These may sometimes seem strange, but breaking even the simplest of laws can often lead to serious troubles. If you don’t want to be arrested and even deported, always follow the rules.