How to prepare your family for moving to Kuwait

Moving is never a simple thing. However, when you are moving alone, it is a much easier process than moving with your entire family. Especially if you have kids. And if you are moving to another country with a different culture on top of that, you will certainly have many difficulties. When you need to prepare your family for moving to Kuwait, besides hiring reliable international movers, you will also need to think about breaking the news to your family, learning about the new country, finding a home, and finding a school for the kids.

Prepare your family for moving to Kuwait in advance

When you decide to move to Kuwait, the first thing on your mind will be how to tell the news to your family. If you lived your entire life in the US, moving to another country will surely look like a scary thing. Especially when you are moving to such a different culture like Kuwait is.  But as much as it looks intimidating, it will be even more to your family.

Us passport
If you never lived outside of the US you will have a hard time adapting wherever you move

Moving abroad is a pretty big deal, so you cannot just pack and move. You need to give everyone time to adapt to a new situation. And the sooner you tell the new, the more time will everyone have to accept the new situation. Of course, first, you need to tell this to your spouse. No matter how your spouse reacts, you can be sure that your kid’s reaction will be ten times worse. Especially if you have teenagers.

Prepare your family for moving to Kuwait by learning about the new country together

After you break the news, you can slowly start preparing for your move to Kuwait. The first thing to do, when moving abroad, is to learn about the country, its customs, and culture. The chances are that your family will have trouble accepting the fact that you are moving to another country, so this can be a good way to pacify the situation. The more your spouse and your kids learn about the country, the easier it will be for them to accept the fact that you are relocating to Kuwait

Show them images from Kuwait, which will surely give them the motivation to move

Of course, the best place to learn about the new country is the internet. Start by looking at images. This is something that will surely help them calm down. Kuwait is a beautiful, rich and very advanced country, and images that you can find online will surely give them the motivation to move.

Kid looking at a globe
Prepare your family for moving to Kuwait by learning about the country

Finding a new home is also a part of the preparation process

The next thing you should think about is finding a home. There are many great properties that you can rent in Kuwait, and you can hardly go wrong here. In fact, your only task is to make sure that you like the new home, that it is the right size for your family, and that it can fit into your budget.

Of course, make sure that everyone is agreeing upon this decision. You cannot afford to move to Kuwait, only to find that someone is not satisfied with what your home has to offer. So before you start your house hunt, organize a home council meeting and let everyone have their saying. Only after you all agree upon what you should be looking for, you can start considering offers.

If you want to prepare your family for moving to Kuwait properly let your kids choose the school

As far as schools are concerned, there are many public and private schools in Kuwait. And they all offer decent educational programs for expatriates. Of course, which school you will choose depends on the money you are prepared to spend, and the programs that those schools are offering.

If you are in a position to choose, you should make a decision if correlation with your kids. Do not try to enforce something on them. They are already going through a difficult time and forcing them to go to a school that they do not like can only worsen the situation.

Take care of your medical needs when moving to Kuwait

Finding a doctor that will take care of your medical needs while you are in Kuwait is one of the things that you shouldn’t forget about. Make sure that you take your medical records with you when moving to Kuwait. Also, if you have health issues and you are taking medications, you should talk to your physician and prepare s supply of medication, at least for a month in advance. This should give you enough time to find an appropriate doctor in Kuwait. But, before you gather supplies, make sure that you will be allowed to bring them into the country.

World map made of pills
Make sure that you bring a supply of medications

Connect with the expatriate community; they will give you some good advice

Luckily, there is a large expatriate community in Kuwait. So the good thing would be to connect with them before you start preparing your family for moving to Kuwait. Maybe you already know someone who is living in Kuwait. That could really ease things. If not, you can use the internet to connect with the American expatriate community in Kuwait. They could give you some good advice considering, good neighborhoods, schools, and all other things that you are concerned about.

After preparing your family for moving to Kuwait search for a reliable freight forwarder

Preparing your family for moving to Kuwait will be a challenge. But if you give them enough time, things should be fine. After you all relax, and accept the fact that you are leaving the US, you should start thinking about the actual relocation. Moving abroad is never an easy thing. So the best thing would be to hire some reliable freight forwarders in Kuwait to help you to organize it all. If you manage to find a reliable freight forwarding company, the moving process should be much easier.