Moving business equipment – customs regulations

Moving business equipment are tools companies and individuals use to help through the moving process. Some companies have listed on their own, while others are on the list of obligated ones. Governments and the law have ordered the items you must use when organizing shipping. They are bound and very important to protect your goods during shipping. Using them is sometimes expensive, but it is the price that you must pay if you want to organize shipping carefully and in coordination with the law. If you rely on professionals in Easy Move Kuwait, you can be sure that they will do all professionally.

What is moving business equipment?

You should rely on professional business movers Kuwait to protect your items and goods when organizing business moving. They will follow the law but also pay attention to safety and protection. You will be suitable if you also pay an additional price for professional moving equipment.

Man at the office
Moving business equipment presumes to do paperwork

Moving blankets and pads

One of the most common moving business equipment is moving blankets and pads. They are essential to protect your items from scratches, damages and breaking. The best category of these products presumes using movers’ blankets in several styles. While some are for everyday items, others are for susceptible and valuable objects. Heavy equipment movers use these objects to save clients’ goods.


Transporting items from one vehicle to another is difficult without dollies and wheels. They prevent damages and injuries that workers can get.

  • Companies usually use dollies for heavy pieces of furniture like freezers or refrigerator;
  • You can use dollies with two and four wheels, depending on the situation and type of the item;
  • Moving business equipment workers in the companies use to prevent injuries and back pain.

When to use this equipment

Although professional companies recommend using these objects whenever you transport items, there are situations when you do not need to use them. It is usually when you have lightweight pieces, or you have several workers that help you. Make sure that you have prepared for all situations, though.

Furniture covers

There are items that you must protect, but sometimes you must use moving equipment to follow regulations. Custom clearance services Kuwait will recommend using some of these pieces to follow essential transport steps. Those include furniture covers, which are very important to protect items. You can use adjustable caps to fit doors, door jambs, fences, and railings which protect your home while moving furniture in or out.

People at the office
Cooperation with employees is crucial for this job

Appliance and hand truck

Hand trucks come in different styles and durability levels, and every type of mover can use them. A basic model is perfect for lighter loads, while the model with straps or a locking auto-recoil mechanism is great for heavy items. However, if you move large items, it is helpful to have one of these covers to protect items from dings and scratches.

Floor runners

Companies use neoprene floor runners to create a non-slip surface and protect the flooring underneath from dings and dents. You can choose among different sizes and colors and wash these handy moving products between moving. They are instrumental in moving business equipment.