Loading a moving truck with minimal risk

When moving, it is easy to make a mistake, especially if you do not have experience with packing. You may damage your items or even hurt yourself or people around you. Loading a moving truck by yourself is possible, but you should do it with minimal risk. That means without injuries and damages. A packing guide will help you to load a moving truck with minimal risk, no matter where you are moving and what you are moving.

A guide for loading a moving truck

Loading a moving truck requires preparation like everything when moving. It does not matter if you are moving locally or relocating to Kuwait from abroad, loading a moving vehicle (truck or van) is inevitable. Probably the easiest way to relocate is to hire a moving company to load, transport and unload your household items. But, it is not the end of the world if you need to load and unload items when you have the right tips.

A picture of a moving truck.
Moving truck is the most common means of transportation during relocation.

Choosing the right moving truck

To move your items with minimal risk, first, you must pick the right moving truck. That also means a vehicle must be the right size. If you hire a Kuwait moving company, they will take care of that part. To choose the right size of a moving truck, you should first know how many items you have to relocate. A vehicle must be big enough for all your items, but on the other hand, not too big because it is more expensive. Space in transportation vehicle should be about 15% bigger than the estimated cubic footage of your household items.

Collect equipment

Your loading will be much easier if you have proper equipment and tools for loading. You will avoid mistakes during moving, such as damages and personal injuries. The risk of damages is minimal with ramp, moving dolly, straps, tape, moving blankets, furniture sliders, etc. Have a safe and efficient move at the same time.

Disassemble furniture

Before loading a moving truck, disassemble furniture if it is possible. This will reduce the risk that you would have without disassembling. Also, it will protect your furniture when moving. If the furniture cannot be disassembled, you must move it in one piece. It is more difficult, but it is the only way.

Remove obstacles

Remove all the obstacles in your home and yard to minimize the risks. Snow, ice, dirt, furniture in the house. etc. Everything that is between your box and a moving truck should be removed. If it is needed remove doors or windows too.

Ask friends for help

The last, but not the least, is to ask your friends for help. It is almost impossible to lift and move all the furniture without any help. So, call a couple of strong friends. If they have any equipment, tell them to bring it.

Loading process

When you have the equipment and strong friends loading can start.

  • Laying a tarp on the floor between your home and a truck will protect your items from dirt.
  • Use a ramp to load items easier.
  • Load bulky and heavy items first, and keep in mind that they are one of the hardest items to move by yourself. So, you will definitely need help.
  • On the top of heavy items put lighter items.
  • Pack tightly without spaces between boxes.
  • Wrap a ratchet strap to secure items.
  • Load longer items (for example a sofa) put along the walls and chairs and desks put in the middle of the truck.
  • Essential box and all the items you will need, last.
A moving dolly with moving boxes on top.
Use the right equipment for loading items into the truck, to make it easier.

What not to load into a moving truck

There are some certain things you should not pack and load into your moving truck. Because of your safety and the safety of the rest of your household items. When you hire professional packers in Kuwait, they will pack only things that are not forbidden for relocation. If you are packing items by yourself, you should have a list of all items that are forbidden or not recommended to load into a moving truck

  • Flammable materials or combustible. A moving company will not transport these items. If you are driving a moving truck, do not transport it too.
  • Guns and ammunition should be transported separately with special permission. Laws are different from state to state, but in most cases, you should not load it.
  • When loading a moving truck, you should not think only about laws, but also about an item you want to move. That is the case for plants. For long-distance moving, it is not recommended because your plants will not survive the trip.
  • Important documents and jewelry should be with you during a transportation process, not in the moving truck. Unless you are driving.
  • Medications should be in the essential box.
  • Pets must be relocated with a special moving company because they need special treatment. It is probably very hard for you and your pet to be separated, but it is the best option when moving.
a sign for forbidden.
Some items you should not load into a moving truck.

At the end

Moving is in most cases, a long and stressful process. Loading a moving truck is one of the hardest parts. Not only should you know how you should pack it, but also carrying furniture from home to the truck is very hard. Use all the recourses you have, friends, ramps, dollies, etc. Loading items into a moving vehicle, is not the end, unfortunately. After transportation, you must unload everything from a moving truck. You will also need a couple of strong friends to help you. But, step by step, your relocation will be over.