How to Unpack and Assemble a Bunk Bed

People love to use bunk beds because they save a lot of space in a bedroom, and also kids love them (especially a kid who is on the top). They have a lot of advantages, but one disadvantage is that they are hard to relocate. After you pack them, it is time to unpack and assemble a bunk bed again into your new home. For transportation details, you can ask moving company Kuwait about information, but here you can learn all the tips about preparing, packing, unpacking, and assembling your bunk bed with ease and success.

A picture of a bunk bed.
Bunk beds are perfect for smaller bedrooms, but they are a little hard to handle when moving.

When you are buying a bunk bed, they have instructions, or workers from the store will assemble it. But, when moving, it is not the case. Of course, you can hire a full-service moving company, but you will save money by packing and unpacking by yourself.

Preparing your bunk bed for relocation

To unpack and assemble a bunk benk, you first need to pack it and prepare it for relocation, of course. If you pack them properly, a bed will not be damaged and you will unpack it faster. If you have no idea how to pack your household items, including your bunk bed, you have two options. To hire packing services Kuwait, or on the other hand, to learn it.

  • Get proper tools and equipment such as a cordless drill, screwdrivers, Allen keys, Allen bit, and gloves. Also, you cannot do it by yourself, so ask friends for help.
  • Remove the mattresses, and wrap it. It should be relocated separately. When you unpack and assemble a bunk bed again, you will put the mattresses again.
  • Separate the beds (the top and the bottom). Usually, there are 4 main load-bearing points on each corner, so unscrew the bolts. Make sure your friends hold the top while you separate the beds.
  • Keep all screws and bolts in one bag and label it. You will need them again when assembling.

Shipping your furniture

Before unpacking, transportation is, of course, part of the process. If you need to ship your furniture, not only a bund bed, somewhere abroad, a company you will choose must be the best and reliable. Pick top freight forwarders in Kuwait and do not worry about your household items. You may choose between air, land or sea shipping, depending on where you are moving and your budget too. 

Different shipping containers.
A good shipping company will deliver your bunk bed on time and undamaged.

Unpack and Assemble a Bunk Bed – tips

Probably after moving, you will be so confused and overwhelmed. But the job is not done yet, unfortunately. After moving to a new place, it is time to unpack and assemble a bunk bed, and the rest of the furniture too. But, mostly bunk bed is the first thing to unpack because of the kids and their stress-free and sweet dreams. Relocating to Kuwait from abroad is very difficult, especially for them. Culture shock, a different language, probably a difference in temperatures, etc. If you are not moving, and you bought a bunk bed it is also recommended to unpack it immediately. For unpacking and reassembling a bunk bed, you will need time, patience, and at least one more person to help you.

Tools to unpack and assemble a bunk bed.
Get proper tools and start with unpacking your bunk bed.

Make space in the room

Before a bunk bed arrives at your home, clean up space and remove all the obstacles too. You should have a clean space where you will unpack and assemble a bunk bed. Do not unpack it in the living room, or any other room except the bedroom. When you unpack your bed, take the packaging outside the bedroom to have more space to work in.

Read the instruction

If you have instructions from the manufacturer, great! Open and follow them. It is the safest way to assemble a bunk bed or any other piece of furniture. But, most people do not have the instructions. Separate pieces of your bunk bed into categories and organize them. Now it is a great time to have help from friends if you did not hire a full-service company.

Start with the lower bunk

First, assemble the lower bunk. You should start with attaching the side rails to the footboard and headboard. Make sure you have tightened the bolts and cannot move. When you are done assembling it, move a bed to the place in the room where the bed is going to be.

Assemble the top bunk on the floor

When you are done with the lower bed, start with another part. But, assemble it on the floor and then get them together. The steps are the same as they were with the lower bed. Attach the side rails to the top footboard and headboard. Together with your friends lift the bed and attach it to the lower bed. In most cases, lower bunk posts have predrilled holes where you can attach the other part of the bed.

Bunk beds are usually connected with young kids, so probably you are moving with kids. It can be very stressful and exhausting, no matter if they are toddlers, 5-year old kids or young teenagers. They will want their bed as soon as possible, so unpack and assemble a bunk bed right after the move. In your box for the essential items you’ll need on your moving day pack clean bed sheets and their favorite pillow. It is hard for kids to get out of their comfort zone. Help them to adjust faster, starting from their usual routine and habits.