How to ship your glassware

Sending items for shipping can often be very stressful. You might fear for their safety and integrity during travel. It doesn’t matter if you are using air freight Kuwait or sea freight –  if you don’t pack your items well, the chances of them breaking during transportation increase significantly. This is especially true if you need to ship your glassware. There are proper ways to pack it and secure it for its trip. Luckily, Easy Move Kuwait is here to share some useful packing tips with you! In this article, read all about packing your glassware for safe and secure shipping!

Before you ship your glassware, invest in their safety

The process of securing your glassware for shipping starts before you send them off. There are many things that you can do which will boost their safety. First, you can work with good moving services Kuwait. These experts will handle everything from finding the right packing supplies to actually shipping your glassware. The best of all is you won’t need to lift a finger – only pick up your phone and call them!

a man in a suit
Professionals can help you pack for the shipping.

If you want to try and ship your glassware by yourself, though, there are still things on your to-do list! First, you will want to create an inventory list. This should happen before you start packing. Just note down all of the items you have and that you are going to ship. Take their photos so you know exactly the condition in which you are shipping them, and how many of each item you have. Of course, if there are some damages, make note of these too. This way, you will be able to follow your glassware easily when you ship it and know exactly what happened to it during the transport.

And if something were to happen to your items, then it would have been good if you had insurance policies in place. That’s why it’s important to look into these before shipping your items out. If you are using professional packing services, then you might already be covered. However, if not, then you will need to insure your items yourself. Check into what there is on the offer, and pick the best. For more information, you can always read online guides on moving insurance, too!

Start packing your glassware

After you have prepared, it’s actually time to start packing. Before you do though, you should once again consider investing in professional packing services and packing supplies. These are safe ways in which you can ensure your glassware will be secure for the trip!

If again you choose not to go this route, then these are the steps you need to take. First, you will need to assemble the corrugated moving boxes. They should be sturdy and able to handle the bumps and jumps during the move. Then, get the cardboard dividers inside these boxes. You should divide each box in a way that each gap will fit just one glass. This way, you separate your glasses from each other. If they cannot bump into one another, then you lower the chances of them breaking off during the transport.

bubble pack
Get bubble pack to secure your items correctly!

Even with this setup, it will be a smart idea to add extra padding and cushioning. So, when you pack your glasses, wrap them in a protective layer – like a bubble pack. You can also add wrinkled packing paper inside the glasses. This way you are securing them from micro-vibrations that the glass may need to handle during the transport. You will also want packing peanuts in each gap and empty space of the box. Simply put, try to stabilize your glasses as much as you can, and you are protecting them from damages as best as you can.

Getting ready to ship your glassware

After packing, there is still work to do! You have now done the majority of stuff, but our job is still not over if you want to fully secure and protect your glassware. First, you should label your boxes. Just grab a sharpie and write “FRAGILE” on each box, as well as which side of the box should go up. This will make people moving the boxes be more careful about them.

What’s more, you should also number the boxes, and then coordinate these numbers to your inventory. You will want to know what item is in each box. Adding the name of the room to each box might be useful too if you are moving a house. That way, movers will put the box in the room it needs to be in when unloading the truck. Finally, make a copy of each inventory list and place them in the box which the list describes.

inventory table
Create an inventory table and monitor your items carefully.

Then, it’s time to test your packing skills. Pick up the box and gently shake it around to see if things are jumping or moving around. If this happens, then you will need to repack the box. They will be under much more stress during the shipping process, so you do not want to leave them as they are! After that, grab a packing tape and secure the box well. Again, a lot of things can happen when you ship your glassware! You do not want a box to open up in the truck and spill everything inside out.


To conclude, there are a couple of things that you need to pay attention to when you ship your glassware. First, look into how you can secure these items before packing. Get professional services or materials, insure your items and create good inventory lists. Then, pack them very carefully and finally check and secure each box. This way, your glassware will be safe and you will be happy with the shipping!