How To Ship Fruits And Vegetables?

Many companies ship fruits and vegetables successfully. However, if you can organize it, you can ship alone, too. It is not hard to manage it, but you should prepare a vehicle and goods properly. There are a lot of reasons why is important to inform about all problems and barriers when organizing this transportation. Shipping to Bahrain is complex and usually organized differently following the types of goods.

The first reason why is important to prepare for shipping food is their fragility and perishability. You cannot be sure that ship will come to the destination on time. There are a lot of ways to protect them from damaging and spoiling. However, you should prepare for specific documentation and regulations in different countries. Companies that work with food, though, organize these processes professionally.

A store with fruits and vegetables
It is not easy to transport food to be perfect in our stores

Packing is very important when shipping fruits and vegetables

You know that proper packing is very important for successful transport for every type of goods. When speaking about food, it is even more important. Luckily, there are a lot of professional packing supplies specially made for fruit and vegetables. You must provide the air, perfect climate, and not damage while transporting.

  • When ship food the first you will have as a problem is spoiling of the food, even during the waiting at the port – it is the reason why climate-controlled storage units work so well;
  • You can easily damage fruit and vegetables when shipping so do not organize it without preparation and learning about that problem;
  • Food could lose their healthy characteristics or even become poison if not handle with them properly when shipping;
  • If you want to ship fruits and vegetables you should know that it is very expensive;
  • Many companies have educated workers for this type of job – for most of them, it is the first job they have performed so professionalized in that field.

Use protective packing supplies

You can see in supermarkets that fruits and vegetables are packed in plastic wrap. It is the easiest and cheapest protection for them. You should follow the way of working that professional packers perform. They know how to protect and keep the food fresh even after a long transportation.

Special packages

There are a lot of small pieces of fruit and vegetables that you cannot (and must not) put in a large box. It will damage them and you will not have the same shape as them after transportation. Not to mention that it could spoil them completely. So, firstly use small boxes or even those with separators for transportation. Combining of the packages is the way how sea freight Kuwait working.

Shipping foam on the bottom

Since you deal with especially sensitive items, you should use the same packing materials as in any other situation. It includes protective materials especially for the bottom of the boxes. In that way you will be sure that they are protected, but also other parts of the vehicle.


Like in any other situation, you should seal boxes properly. The best way is to use tape for it. However, you cannot simply seal the box. Lack of air could damage food even before the ship come to the destination. You should ask professionals for advice.

People at the market
There are a lot of ways to transport food depending of the destination

Label boxes

There is no reason to explain something obvious, but most people forget that there is not only one type of goods in the vehicle. It is very important to give a sign to the workers what is inside of the boxes. There are a lot of professional labels that you can use for these purposes, or even boxes, like for bananas.

Handling must be especially careful if want to ship fruits and vegetables

People know that fruit and vegetables are very sensitive and you must be especially careful with them when transporting. It is not like when you have a wardrobe or sturdy boxes. You can easily damage them and ruin whole cargo. Good packing materials could protect them significantly, but you must be careful, too.

Pack green fruits and vegetables

You maybe have seen how transporters pack bananas. They will put in the ship only green ones. The reason is the longevity of the transportation. While they come to the destination, they will spoil and damage. So, do never put ripe fruit in boxes.

Do not drop

Workers in shipping companies are usually careful with the food, but there are situations when even they cannot be careful. Sometimes they are in hurry or do not know what is inside of the boxes. It could seriously damage fruit and vegetables when shipping.

Transport only ordered goods

You will see how tough is to transport food when starting with this job. The worst is if your food comes to the destination too late or just before they will spoil. Even worse is if you do not have buyers for the goods you have transported. To avoid it, transport only ordered food, so you will not throw away anything.

Tricks how to ship fruits and vegetables

Like in any other job, you can learn a few tips and tricks on how to organize this job easily. It is not hard, though, for people who have already organized the shipping of fruit and vegetables. You should know that it is much more important to learn how to ship and pack them than organize fast transport.

They transport green bananas to our homes

Educate workers

Like in any other job, you should educate your workers for this job. Most of them are not from this field, so do not know how to behave in contact with food. And there are a lot of things that they must know. Starting from hygiene and quantities of the food to the question of why do fruit product ethylene. So, do not avoid the opportunity to educate workers properly.

A good connection is crucial

It is not easy to ship fruits and vegetables. Especially for the time, which could affect the quality of the goods and amount of money you will earn. So, you should make sure that you have a good connection with the ports, so there are not waiting there. You will save money but also nerves in this way. Luckily, companies usually have special conditions when transporting this type of goods.