How to relocate your office efficiently

Are you about to relocate your office? Moving, in general, is quite stressful. Add to this the additional pressure when moving your business and you got yourself quite a treat. Still, this is not an impossible job – just a rather difficult one.

When you decide to relocate your office, there are several elements you need to consider in order to make it a success.
Business moving is no easy task.

Now I understand that it is necessary, thankfully your business has grown and you are in need of a larger space. Or an entire floor even. This is all amazing news, but you still need to actually go through the moving process itself. Now, this can vary based on how many things you have to move, but if you want to relocate your office right there is no compromise. One thing is common for both business moving and residential moving – plan ahead of time. If you plan ahead you will have time to cover all basis. Best thing would be for you to have a checklist. And, our top advice is to hire professionals to help out – don’t be a hero. You might think you’ll save a few bucks, but in the long run, you might lose much more.

Relocate your office – Easy Hacks

Some aspects of moving your business will be very straightforward, and they will be the same for each business. It will be our top suggestion to business movers Kuwait and make sure you don’t try to finish everything on your own. However, you might try a DIY move, and we are not saying you never should. We just believe that there are things that should be handled by professional movers.

Placing all of this aside, there are some tricks you can use that are somewhat universal. And these tricks can be applied regardless of whether you hire professionals or not. They are nifty, easy to do hacks that unexperienced movers would often forget.

Donate Office Stuff You Don’t Need

That’s right. You are moving to a new office space. This means that you’re about to have a fresh start, and in this fresh start there is very little need for old stuff. You will have old copiers, phones, printers, PCs, and peripherals… There is a strong possibility that you will have some old furniture or office supplies that you never ended up using.

Donate them. First of all, you wish to lighten a load of your move as much as you can. This means not hoarding old stuff you won’t be using, most likely. Second, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! There might be schools or startups, organizations, and groups of people who’d love to take all of your junk off of your hands. You would not only relieve yourself of some old junk, but you’d be helping someone quite a bit.

When you relocate your office you want to move as little things as possible. That's why everything that is extra can go to charity!
You could donate your extra’s and do a good deed in the process!


Why would you be paying to move some stuff when you probably won’t need them anyway. You might even land a tax break when donating to a registered charity.

When Hiring a Moving Company…

If you’re going to heed our advice and hire a moving company – there are a few things to keep in mind. When you move your business there are plenty of variables you need to keep in mind. For starters, if you wish to hire a moving company, you want to do start with it two or more months ahead.

Approach this as an HR company. You want several candidates with comparable price quotes. Make sure they have all the necessary documentation, such as proof of insurance. Once they present you with all the documentation, price quotas and ‘stuff they have to say’ chose the one you think is best. Just like when you’d hire a new accountant.

And don’t forget to negotiate with their storage units too. You’ll be looking for logistics companies in Kuwait!

And one more thing. Moving companies do not make any decisions. They take what they see, pack it up and load it into the trucks. Which means, they won’t empty your trash or your fridge. Try not to end up with some rotten food coming along when you relocate your office.

Tag Your Boxes!

Especially if a moving company is hired. Make sure that you number the boxes that are being moved. And make sure that, when you number them, the boxes are packed in this order. That way, if you need to locate one of them quickly – you will most definitely be able to. Especially if you have hundreds of boxes. And, in a case where some of them get lost, you will know exactly which one (and what that one had inside). It’ll make your claim far easier.

Packing up Computer Cables

When you relocate your office, usually you move at least a dozen computers. The computer packing is easy, but there is a cool way for you to keep your cables organized.

It is quite simple. You’d unplug all the cables from all the computers and put them in separate zip-lock bags. Each computer would have a number (placed on the computer’s box as well), and each zip-lock will have a corresponding number. So when you unpack, you immediately know which one goes where.

Packing Electronics

None of the electronics your business have are easy to pack. There are professional packers to help you with this packing. However, this is something you can also do on your own. You just can’t underestimate the process.

When you relocate your office you need to be careful with valuable equipment such as printers and computers. Don't just stow them into a box.
Be careful when packing electronics.

Printers are very sensitive and they have smaller parts within them that need to be removed. This includes cartridges, scanner lids and other parts that are going to be listed on the box. Make sure all of these are safely removed and packed separately.

When it comes to computers you need to be careful. Get ahold of plenty of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is essential when you want to move your business. There’s never too many of it! Computers and monitors should be separately wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in separate boxes. You should get all of your hard drives out, and pack them separately as well. And… Make sure you backup all your data before you relocate your office. Just to be double safe.

Best of luck to you!