How to prepare your commercial vehicles for international relocation

Do you plan to expand your business abroad? Then, you will need to equip your company properly. This does not only include office furniture but also commercial vehicles. Anything that can be used to transport both people and goods is a commercial vehicle. If you plan to use your trustworthy vehicles in another country as well, you need to organize transport. It might be impossible to do everything by yourself. Therefore, you should search for packers and movers in Kuwait. It is always better to use professional services since it is going to be expensive if something goes wrong. Still, you can do something. Here is how you should prepare your commercial vehicles for international relocation.  

Decide how you want to move your vehicles 

When you are shipping from Kuwait to USA, you usually have two options. First of all, you can transport vehicles through the Roll-on Roll-off vessel or container. This is the cheaper option. The loading process is quite simple since the car goes directly on the vessel. On the other hand, you can also choose to transport your vehicles overseas in a container. This is more expensive but your vehicles will be well protected. Another difference would be items included in your vehicles. If you choose RORO, then, you cannot have anything in your vehicles when shipping. If you choose the container, then, you can keep your items or goods inside. This is yet another reason why this option is more expensive. Furthermore, if your vehicles are costly and not easily replaceable, then, choose the container. It will be better protected. 

prepare your commercial vehicles for international relocation in containers
You can choose to ship your commercial vehicles in a container

Preparing all the necessary documents 

After you choose your truck transport companies Kuwait, it is time to prepare all the necessary documents. Here are the most common ones.  

  • Certificate of Ownership  
  • Copy of the initial logbook of the vehicle   
  • Valuation report  
  • Proof of insurance  
  • Your driver’s license or passport 
  • Police inspection report 

It is important to check with your transport company all the documents you need to have. For example, a police inspection report is not required for every country. That is why you need to check and get all the documents on time. If you are missing some documents, you can run into legal troubles in the country you are shipping to. You can be accused of moving and transporting stolen vehicles. For this reason, ask for a list of all the documents necessary for your country of destination. You might need a couple of days if not more to have them all. 

Clean your vehicles 

It is important to properly clean your vehicles both from outside and inside. When you are cleaning your car from outside, it is important to get all the dirt and dust cleaned properly. Dirt and dust can easily cover dents and scratches. You’ll need to document all the dents and scratches that you had on your vehicles before transport. This way, you can easily spot some new scratches and dents that might happen during transport. It is quite easy to clean your vehicle from outside, you just need to wash it thoroughly. In addition to this, you’ll also need to clean your vehicle from inside. As mentioned before, if you are choosing the RORO method, you can’t keep anything inside. then, you need to remove everything that is not secured inside your car. Lastly, remove anything that is valuable inside your vehicles. 

person washing a white car
Make sure to wash your vehicles before shipping

 Prepare your commercial vehicles for international relocation 

As mentioned, you need to document all the scratches and dents on your vehicles before transport. You can do this after you clean your car inside and outside. Therefore, after you clean your vehicles thoroughly, you need to assess their condition. This is important to do when you are shipping from Kuwait to UK. There are two ways how you can do this. You can do everything by yourself and document all the scratches and dents on your vehicles. Make sure to take photos. Then, you can also take your vehicles to a mechanic and let them do the general checkup. After you are done with everything, make sure to get proper insurance. This is extremely important when you are shipping vehicles. As you might know, vehicles can be quite expensive so it is necessary to insure them. 

Do the final preparations 

You also need to do a couple of final preparations for transport. First of all, you need to empty the gas tank. There is no reason to have a full gas tank since it is not being operated. Then, it can be dangerous to have a full tank of fuel during transport. For this reason, leave as little fuel in a tank as possible, enough to drive it on and off the transport vehicle. Then, you need to check for some leaks or spills. This means checking the undercarriage for any visible leaks before your vehicles get loaded onto the truck. After this, it is important to check the tire pressure. Both underinflated or overinflated tires can be dangerous during transport and on the road. In addition to this, you can easily damage your tires during loading and unloading. You can avoid this if your tires are fully inflated. 

white van on the road
Check the general state of your vehicles

Disable alarms and anti-theft devices 

When you need to prepare your commercial vehicles for international relocation, you also need to disable alarms and anti-theft devices. Your real cars are going to be safe enough during transport. In addition to this, this will also help the people who are handling the transportation to have access to your vehicles in case of any issues. Car alarms can go off during transport which might cause disturbance and also drain the battery. Apart from this, you need to take off any customized accessories that you have on your vehicles. If you are not sure how to do something, you need to contact your transport company. They can tell you exactly how you need to prepare your vehicles for transport. It is also important to listen to their advice since they are professionals after all.