Finding a job in a new city – tips and tricks

Finding a job in a new city is always a challenge. And, you need to be well prepared if you want to find a job that you want. Moving to another city is not recommended if you do not have a job waiting. So before you call residential moving companies Kuwait and organize a move, concentrate on finding a job. Only when you find a well-paid job you can start planning your move.

Learn about Kuwait’s industries and identify where you want to work

The first thing that you have to do when you are looking for a job in a new city in Kuwait is to define what you want to do. You know what your talents are, and in what industries your knowledge and skills could be used. Kuwait is a very business-oriented country, and there are jobs everywhere. However, some industries are doing better than others are. Of course, everyone knows that the oil industry is the most important for Kuwait. But besides oil, construction and banking industry are doing well, too. Also, shipbuilding, food processing, trade, are prospective industries that are currently doing well in Kuwait. And do not forget about logistics companies in Kuwait that are almost always hiring.

Preparing a resume for finding a job in a new city
When finding a job in a new city you will need a good resume

Finding a job in a new city is impossible without a good resume

When you are searching for a new job in Kuwait, one of the first things to prepare is your resume in simple English. Even though many people in Kuwait speak good English, it is always better not to over complicate things. You need to count on that a person who will be checking your background will probably not be a native English speaker. And, they could skip your resume if the recruiter does not clearly understand what you wrote. But make sure that you clearly state all your skills. Also, don’t forget to add a bit of imagination. Everyone else is doing it.

Finding a new job can be easier with the help of the internet

Several websites are a part of Kuwait recruitment network. You can use them to search for jobs. Create your account on Bayt, Naukri, Indeed, Gulftalent or Linkedin, apply your resume and start connecting with companies around the Persian Gulf. Of course, the response rate on these websites is not great. But it will take you no more than one hour to create accounts and present yourself there, so if there is even only one percent of chance that it will be successful, why skip it.

Learn about Kuwait’s labor law

If you are looking for a job in Kuwait, it would be good to learn about the country’s labor law. If you are just moving to Kuwait, you can learn about Kuwait labor law on the internet. When you are already there you can get a copy of Kuwait’s Labor Law handbook. It would be of great help if you knew what questions to ask in the interview. And what are your rights and responsibilities?

To get a job in a new city you will have to have a sponsor

If you are moving to Kuwait for work, you will have to find a sponsor to do it. Your sponsor can be an individual, a company or a government institution, and they will be responsible for you while you stay in Kuwait. Your sponsor is responsible for you with visa paperwork, opening your bank account, and applying for work. Of course, it would be best to find a reputable company that will hire you and acts as your sponsor.

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Try with recruitment agencies

Find a job in a new city with the help of recruitment agencies

Check with local recruitment agencies. They are performing a job of bringing foreign workers to Kuwait. So they will be your best option for finding work quickly. Even though their primary job is bringing workers from other countries, they could be of great help if you are already in Kuwait, too. Of course, different agencies specialize in different business areas. There are agencies that will help medical staff come to Kuwait. Or, those who only work in the IT section, bringing programmers and other IT personnel to the country. So, you need to find agencies that operate in your desired industry and register with them.

It is hard to work as an expatriate freelancer in Kuwait

To get a visa for Kuwait you need to have a job waiting. And, if you read the laws and regulations regarding expatriates working in Kuwait, you will find that there is no room for an expatriate to work in Kuwait as a freelancer. Although, there are many demands for freelancers in shipbuilding and repairs, oil industry, and construction you will still need a contract. But even though, there is no legal way to stay in Kuwait without a contract, you can find many people who managed to stay in a region long after their contracts expired. Of course, sometimes it is just a matter of who you know. Luckily, expatriate communities are very organized and alive in Kuwait. Therefore, that is where you should also ask for help if you are looking for a new job.

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Visit your embassy to connect with other expatriates

Connect with other expatriates

Your embassy could also be of help when you are looking for a job in a new city. If you are moving to a city where your embassy is located, make a visit. Of course, not to look for work in an embassy, but to connect to expatriates living in Kuwait. Good connections are the best way of finding a job in a new city.

Moving to Kuwait

If your job hunt was successful, it is time to move. But that is easier said than done. Moving is a very complicated matter, and you need to prepare yourself well. If you are moving to Kuwait you will need to find a moving company and to rent a warehouse Kuwait. If you manage to find a good company for your relocation, everything else will be a piece of cake.