How to identify good freight forwarders?

If you have a business with shipping needs, there is no better place to be right now. Whether you plan to import, export, or shipping your cargo internationally, we are just what you are looking for. We know how is like to be in your shoes and how hard it can be for you to handle transport, storing, customs clearance, cargo insurance, etc. Since we can easily handle each of mentioned steps, we want to help you out in running your business successfully. Although we can offer you our services at first, today we want to remind you how important is to find and hire reputable freight forwarders for your business. For that reason, we will help you learn to identify good freight forwarders. Stay with experts from one of the finest international shipping companies in Kuwait and learn a lot. We will help you conduct your business plans smoothly!

Consider your needs to identify good freight forwarders that suit you

One of the main steps in finding good freight forwarders is to know what you need from them. As you know, freight forwarders should transport your goods safely, provide you with all needed documentation, make sure to find storage for your goods during the customs clearance and the rest of the transport process. Another important thing is their expertise and knowledge about shipping and freight forwarding the goods you plan to work with. Our Easy Move Kuwait recommends you ask your freight forwarders about their experience, especially about goods you need to transport. This way you will avoid any misunderstandings and complications.

Businessman works
Analyze your plans ahead.

It will not be the same if you need to transport clothes, ceramics, medicines or other kinds of products. All these kinds of products require different legal documentation, ways of storing, etc.  So, if you need shipping to Saudi Arabia you should know will your freight forwarders cater to all your requirements when it comes to goods you want to transport. They need to know all regulations and be able to track all processes your goods will need to pass. This way you will finish the first and most important step- selecting the best matching forwarding service.

Be clear about details you need from freight forwarders

Before you make any commitment to your potential freight forwarders, make sure to determine the types of services you would like to have. Therefore, you should consider modes of transportation that will be suitable for your goods and products. So, ask your freight forwarders to advise you on choosing the right transportation method. Will you opt for air freight in Kuwait? Will you choose sea freight or land transportation companies?

Make sure to identify good freight forwarders
Take time, know your needs and identify good freight forwarders.

Regardless of the type of transportation you choose, make sure to remember the storage services you will need and handling requirements for your materials or goods. You should not skip talking with your freight forwarders about the average volume of shipments in the upcoming period. These two pieces of information are basic for your cooperation. Moreover, information is crucial for your selection but also for the forwarder’s ability to estimate if they can do the job for you. Another important thing for you is to be clear about the range of services you want a freight forwarder to cover. Let them know if there is a certain trade lane through which most of your shipments will move.

It is time to check assess the forwarder’s experience and credentials

When you know what you need and identify good freight forwarders that fit your needs, you should check if it can truly deliver what it promises. Were they worked with your type of cargo? Can you trust them to know how to handle your cargo and to prevent problems? Will they be able to tackle unforeseen difficulties, such as rerouting cargo or customs problems, strikes, and shutdowns? As you should be sure they can cope with all this, requiring references is a good idea at this moment.

Another important thing to know your freight forwarders are financially stable. To prevent end up with delayed transportation because of its financial troubles, ask them about their financial stability. Also, check if your freight forwarder is properly bonded. To get their operating authority, they are required to obtain a freight broker bond.

Inquire about the freight forwarder’s network and memberships

Even if the company that handling your cargo may be great, if it is not well-connected with other forwarders and transportation companies, think twice. For this reason, it might still not be able to deliver all services you need. So after you identify good freight forwarders, make sure they have a wide network of agents and partners within the country, the United States of America, Europe, or any other county you plan to expand your business to. Take time to check out your freight forwarder’s carrier contracts. Remember, the more numerous and diverse they are, the safer their operations will be.

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Are your freight forwarders members of logistic organizations?

Also, you should check if they are members of professional organizations in this field. All reputable freight forwarders are usually should be part of professional networks. So, inquire if they are part of the freight forwarding circle, a trade association, or another network. Since membership in mentioned organizations requires proving legitimacy, professionalism, efficiency, and financial solidity, this is an excellent way to find good freight forwarders.

Test customer service to identify good freight forwarders

It is important that freight forwarding company knows how to communicate well with its clients. So, before you start using services from your potential freight forwarders, make sure to estimate their customer service quality. Do you need to speak with few people to solve one question? Do you have to wait too long on the line when calling? Well, signs that you use to evaluate the level of customer service you receive are crucial. They will help you identify good freight forwarders. Also, they will show you what will look like when a problem with your shipments happens. So, make sure to opt for freight forwarders with good customer service.