How To Get Your Car Ready For Shipping?

It is hard to get your car ready for shipping if you are not professional in this job. Cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia presumes preparation and knowledge if you want to organize appropriately. It is the reason why it is always better to hire professionals for that job. If you still want to perform it alone, there are a few steps that you should prepare for.

There are ways to use your car for shipping, too. You can quickly turn your ordinary car into a shipping vehicle. The first you should know is that there is legislation that demands preparation. Also, you will maybe be forced to gather documentation and pay taxes. When it comes to the car, you will surely need to make a few changes in it. Whatever it takes, it is always better to ask professionals for advice.

Expensive car
If you have an expensive car you should consider leaving it

Documents that you should prepare if you want to get your car ready for shipping

The first step in this process is to prepare documentation. It is a standard procedure, but not every person can perform it smoothly. So, do not hesitate to ask professionals to help you. You should know that your car must fulfill normatively and has equipment. If you are still interested in that job, you should follow essential guidance.

  • Preparation for this process will take some time to prepare for it and be patient – as long you invest in the car, the better care will have;
  • Protection is on the first place if want to get your car ready for shipping – as for the vehicle as for people involved in transportation;
  • International car shipping relies on standard procedure which demands some steps – one of them is to gather documents about the car and its owner;
  • You should think about the parking – since you are not registered shipping company, you will not have allowed parking at the port so consider it as a problem;
  • Whatever the reason for using your car for shipping is, you should not expect lower costs – only for the fuel, you will pay much more than a professional shipping company.

Research what you will need

The first you will need to use your car for shipping is to collect the documents. It presumes ownership but also changes in the vehicle to be capable of navigation. You will need to pay taxes and prepare your ID as an owner and driver. If you have trouble collecting it, simply hire Easy Move Kuwait and leave the job to them.

Ask if you need a special allowance

There are situations when you will need a special allowance to use your car for shipping. It is usually if you want to transport chemicals or particular types of baggage. However, you will need to have an allowance to ship the car, too. Shipping companies in Kuwait have that allowance, so the easiest way to resolve it is hire one of them.

Car and a container
Do not hesitate to ask professional help for shipping your car

Lock up the car

It is good to lock up the car when the plan to ship to another country, especially if it is full of your stuff. However, you should know that workers in the ship will move your car by situations. So, leave a set of keys at the dock or worker in the company. Presuming that you have removed all valuable items, it is safe at the ship.

Make photos of the car

It is an excellent memory of your car, but emotions are not why you should do it. When taking photos of the vehicle, you have a proof in which stage your vehicle was when loaded to the ship. You should consider all edges, doors, hands, and other sensitive parts of the car. Their people often damage cars.

Aesthetic changes that you should do if you want to get your car ready for shipping

You should change something in your car if you want to ship it. Although it is not important how it looks, you will want to make the car acceptably attractive. So, professionals advise making a few changes in the outside look of the vehicle. It should not cost a lot, but put it on the price list, just in case.

Wash and clean the car

Washing of the car is more than aesthetic needs. You should inspect the cabin and collect the trash you could find there. Every vehicle could have empty bags, bottles, and tissues on the floor or below the seats. Throw it away before using it for clients.

Mechanic changes that you should make if you want to get your car ready for shipping

Your car cannot transport the height more significantly than the vehicle is made for. You can make changes in the car and put chassis additions to make the car more reliable. Also, you will maybe change the engine and put additional horsepower in it. Otherwise, it will not be able to pull the baggage heavier than the standard model could transport.

It is crucial to check the stage of your car with a mechanic

Visit your mechanic

There are essential car mechanic tips that you should follow when preparing the car for usage. If you want to use it for transport, it is even more critical. The best way to make your vehicle ready for shipping is to visit a mechanic. He will know which details to pay attention to. Usually, he will check tire pressure, battery, and fluids.

Empty gas tank

When your car is on the boat, you will not drive or use it. However, fuel in the vehicle could light up and cause serious problems. So, people that work in shipping companies recommend emptying the gas tank for protection. They will add fuel if it is needed.

Check lights

Although the car will be on the boat, it is essential to be completely repaired. It means that signals and lights are fixed. You should check it even before visit your mechanic. If it is needed, clean the lights and wash them carefully.

Write a note to the driver

Every car has unique needs and commands. When we drive a car, we forget about it and perform it mechanically. However, if you know something about your vehicle, you should note it to the driver. It includes handling or problems in starting. Now, you can get your car ready for shipping.