How to create opportunities for socializing in Kuwait after relocating there

Everything is set for the big moving day. You have everything packed and ready for relocation. You also prepared all papers and documents in advance, and the keys to your new home are just a move away. And after you thank the Kuwait movers that help you and settle in, you want to explore a bit. But then you realize you really don’t know anyone. Furthermore, you don’t even know where to start. However, all of this is normal when moving to a different country. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to create opportunities for socializing in Kuwait and you can try all of them or just some. Nevertheless, making friends while enjoying local customs is a sure way to make Kuwait your home. And in turn, you’ll feel more comfortable and integrated into their culture. The end result will undoubtedly be favorable.

Ways to create opportunities for socializing in Kuwait

Instead of making long lists and debating the pros and cons of social opportunities, follow these simple tips and tricks:

  1. Proximity: check with your work friends or neighbor if they would like to hand out, or invite them to your home
  2. Exploring hobbies: culture and traditions are very important in Kuwait, but sport is also a popular hobby
  3. Online: nowadays there are a lot of online support groups for socializing, like Facebook Groups or Expat
water towers in kuwait
Kuwait offers a bit of something for almost everyone to enjoy

As you can see, these are the very basics of socializing. And the best part is that even if it initially doesn’t go as planned, there is still a chance to meet new people. So maybe the after-work hang-out didn’t go as planned, but you met some new people. However, all of this is very general, so here are some more tips and tricks when socializing in Kuwait.

Colleagues and neighbors – easy way to meet new people

One of the most prominent qualities of Kuwait is its love for tradition and close-knit family values. As a foreign, you might find this a bit daunting. But don’t let this be an excuse not to socialize at all. Even though conservative customs are part of many daily activities in Kuwait, locals embrace new ones every day. This is mainly because a lot of people from different parts of the world move here for work. So if you’re one of them, your workplace is the best first place to look for new friends. Chances are that your international movers Kuwait already advised you about this. Invite your more experienced colleagues to a drink or meal after work and ask them for any tips they might have. Or group with colleagues that arrived recently as well so you can all together explore Kuwait.

Depending on where you move, your neighborhood will have locals, foreigners, or a bit of both. Nevertheless, they are all good opportunities to invite over to your new home. And if you have a lot of moving boxes Kuwait neighbors will be happy to help you with them. If by any chance they invite you to their place, take some time to research local customs so you don’t make a bad first impression. Don’t turn down their hospitality, or refuse your host’s food and drinks. Bring a small gift like sweets or flowers when visiting. If the family that invited you is a more traditional one, there will be separate rooms for men and women after the meal. In case you’re inviting them over, be mindful of the type of food and drinks they consume, and also if the fasting days are currently active.

work is the best option to create opportunities for socializing in Kuwait
Work doesn’t always have to be strictly business, so check with your colleagues if they would like to hang out with you

Festivities and sports – best ways to create opportunities for socializing in Kuwait

Apart from many religious festivals, Kuwait has a wide range of other festive activities that foreigners and newcomers might enjoy. And don’t worry about the climate – it will take some getting used to it at the beginning. One of them is the Hala Festival held in February each year. It celebrates the change of seasons and the arrival of millions of migratory birds. This is also a time when shops hold their annual sales and many tourists flood from all over the world. February is also when the people of Kuwait celebrate independence and liberation day. Because of these two holidays, the streets are filled with people, parades, fireworks, and many more festivities.

Kuwait people love sports and nothing is more exciting than a game of football or basketball. So if you’re a sports fan, this is a perfect opportunity to meet new people. There are many leagues, cups, and competitions you can follow and discuss with your friends. Not to mention that watching a game together is an exciting gathering that is bound to introduce you to many people. And they can even invite you to a friendly game.

fireworks at night sky over a city
Vibrant festivities are a good way to create opportunities for socializing in Kuwait

Online groups – modern solutions to modern problems

If you’re not very keen on random socializing or wondering about the festivals and games looking for people to hang out with, then online groups are your next step. Facebook groups, Reddit threads, and forums, in general, are popular options to check out all that Kuwait has in store for you. There is even a website dedicated to helping people that are moving abroad find friends. You can search by country and find out good hanging places, happenings, and many more information. So if you couldn’t find friends anywhere else, give Expat Exchange a try. You can even post on their forum asking for specifics, like if anyone would like to meet you or if there are any good places to socialize.

Overall, there are many ways to create opportunities for socializing in Kuwait, and the best part is you don’t have to try all of them. Check them based on your interest and free time and you will find people with similar hobbies and circumstances in no time. And if one way doesn’t work, there are many more you can try.