How to adjust to a new climate?

The climate of Kuwait is a desert climate. This doesn’t mean you’ll be dying from the heat, don’t worry! Actually, the closer you are to the coast the more rainfall and air moisture there is. And if there is enough rainfall, the desert can turn frim between the months of March and April, which is an amazing sight to see. We as humans are highly adaptable. That being said, things so impactful as the climate is can take us a while longer to get accommodated to. That’s why we at Easy Move Kuwait have prepared an article on how you can best adjust to a new climate, and all of the things to expect during the adjustment period. Let’s get right into it!

First, research!

The first step to adjust to a new climate is to know which climate you’re moving to. We’ve already mentioned that Kuwait has a desert climate, so what does that entail? More frequent heat waves at higher temperatures than you’re probably used to are the first. This can be quite a shock for your organism. Another thing is the low rainfall, and extreme dryness of the air. But as anyone living in a hot climate with a lot of humidity, you know that dry air is much more welcome than hot, wet air. So, this step might be easier to handle than you think.

A picture of the desert in Kuwait

What else? The complete absence of winter! For us who’ve lived in a climate with all four seasons, this will be very new and different. Nothing you won’t get used to though! So, just be sure to do the research and know exactly where you’re moving and what to expect. Warehousing companies in Kuwait will be a friend to you and your belongings.

Air conditioning will be your best friend

Especially if you’re moving from a very cold climate to a very hot one, air conditioning is essential. You’re most likely not used to it, so do be careful using aircon in the beginning. Having your room temperature at 68F and then stepping outside to 120F can have detrimental consequences for your body. Try keeping your home at a higher temperature, as much as you can handle. If you step out into the midst of the heat from your pleasantly cooled space, you can feel the incredible difference weighing down on you. It can be bad for the heart, so just keep that in mind.

On the other hand, if you’ve lived with air conditioning your whole life, you won’t need to worry about your health. You are completely used to being in a cool room and then exiting into the worst heat ever. So, it really just depends on you personally! But what about your items? Climate-controlled storage units will prove to be another one of your best friends. Especially if you have a motorcycle or something similar that just can’t handle the immense heat.

Stay hydrated!

Staying hydrated is key. Chances are if you’ve lived in cooler climates, you’ve never completely dehydrated. You will be sweating like never before, and you need to make up for the lost water in your body. You can make the primary adjustment all the easier by hiring packing services to take care of your items and leave you free to get to know your new home. If you fail to intake as much water as your organism needs right now, you might experience the symptoms of dehydration. This includes diarrhea, vomiting, fainting, and in extreme cases even seizures or kidney failure. So, it really is imperative you take in s much water as you can muster. In all actuality, your body will more than likely be screaming in thirst. So, just listen to your body’s signs and take good care of it!

Air conditioning
The AC will save you from getting overheated.

Eating regularly is also a really important step to giving your body the means to adjust to a new climate. Again, the heat can make everything more difficult to handle. We all know how during the summer our food intake and cravings change completely. We are always searching for lighter food that won’t make us sick and dizzy in the heat. So, we do recommend that you try and eat lighter meals, more fruits and vegetables during the acclimation.

Consult a doctor about how to adjust to a new climate

If you’re suffering from any chronic illnesses or are just simply a bit older in age, the doctor can help you very much. Doctors are licensed professionals who are bound to know more than me and you combined about your body and its responses to a new climate. Each of us is unique in what our bodies are and how they react. The perfect person to ask for advice is your general practitioner. They have all of your medical records and know all of the medicine you might be taking. And maybe they can recommend some different medications to make the acclimation easier. Or just helpful tips on how to get adjusted quicker.

Even the most basic of things such as taking supplements can bring you negative reactions once your body is in a new climate. So, we do urge you to go to your GP regardless of your health. For example, you’re taking vitamin D supplements, but you’re moving to an incredibly sunny and hot climate. These supplements will become too much and you’ll need to eliminate them.

A bottle of water
Having a bottle of water always by your side is key.

Stay prepared

Even with all of these tips and tricks, acclimation in Kuwait will take a bit of a while. Most likely what will happen is that the heat will tire you out quicker than you’re used to. So, just stay prepared for anything that might happen. Always carry some food and water with you. Stay in the loop with the weather, and just tough it through at the beginning. As months start passing you’ll notice just how quickly you’re getting adjusted.

In order to adjust to a new climate, you will need time. And not only that but persistence and perseverance. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.