How much does international car shipping cost?

International car shipping cost is not too expensive if you rely on the right packers and movers in Kuwait. You should be able to organize shipping to avoid too high costs, but also to have the right help during this process. When organizing shipping you should choose packers and movers in Kuwait that understand the job and know what affects the price the most.

What affects international car shipping costs?

It is possible to organize shipping for affordable prices, but follow the advice of the company and organize shipping professionally. However, some facts affect the price the most.

  • International shipping cost is expensive but you can save a lot when choosing a favorable method and combine with your needs;
  • You should be able to organize shipping applying to your needs and your expectations;
  • Do not organize shipping from Kuwait to the UK without the help of the right and professional company no matter what costs are high.

    Classic car and containers
    International car shipping cost depends on the type of shipping

Shipment method

Depending on the shipping method, the price that the company will charge you is different. Using more expensive methods will raise the final price significantly. There are a few methods that you can use in this case. You should choose the method that is most appropriate and safe for you. Shipping companies in Kuwait use RoRo shipping, which is, for example, includes using a container for a single car, which is the safest and most efficient method, and also cost-effective although seems too expensive. If you feel that you cannot pay this price and afford this method, you can use consolidated container shipping, which means sharing the container with another user.

Vehicle type

International car shipping could cost more if use different vehicle types. If you choose to use more expensive shipping vehicles, you will surely have a higher price to pay. However, it would be much easier to choose the cheapest vehicle, but there are reasons why is better to rely on more expensive models. There are larger and safer vehicles, which cost more but offer better conditions. On the other hand, if you have heavy vehicles, equipment to pack, or a special type of car, you should choose professional shipping vehicles, regardless of the price.

Open or closed container

You have an option to choose a closed container, you should take it for your shipping, especially if you have a rare and expensive model of car. As the opposite of opened container or ship, you will be able to protect the car during the transporting and save yourself from problems and stress. On the other hand, those containers are more expensive, meaning that you should choose them only if you have a reason for this protection.

You should protect your car from damaging

How long the shipping will take?

Time of shipping and longevity of the transport will affect the price, too. It also could affect your jobs, meaning also increased price at the end.

Shipping distance

Although the price of shipping mostly depends on the price of the distance, there are situations prices are not significantly different from country to country. Round prices are defined by typical distances, so we can have an approximate close price for shipping. For example, shipping inside of the US cost $800-$1000, while shipping to Europe could cost $5,000, which could be the price for intercontinental shipping.


Companies will charge more if they need to transport your vehicles to another country. The reason is paying the international shipping costs, insurance, taxes, and preparing the documentation. Sometimes it could be a short distance, but the costs could be higher than you have expected. However, you should talk with the company about the costs that they expect in this case and define all you need to avoid additional costs and surprises.

Pick-up location

Not only that distance affect the price, but pick-up location will be also a very important factor when shipping cars. If the location where you will pick up the vehicle is closer to you, you will pay less. However, it is not the only feature that companies use to define the price. The size and approach of the port, lack of shipping services, and use of door-to-door transportation also define the final price. Experts recommend using all services you can, regardless of the price. They will save vehicles and money in the end.

Expedited shipping

Although shipping typically takes 3-12 weeks, there are situations when this period could be longer or shorter. Depending on it the price will be different. However, as a client, you can ask to ship your vehicles faster, which will also increase the price. In some cases, the company could organize transport of your vehicle only, which will significantly increase the price but shorten the time of shipping. All you need to know about it is in the company, so communicate with them about the problem.

International car shipping
Some types of shipping are much cheaper than the others

How you can help?

There are steps that you can make before moving to decrease the price. Maybe it is not a significant saving, but you can find your advantage in this case.

Gather documents

Do not leave the most important steps to the final moment. It will stress you more than it is needed and surely affect the price. As the companies say, it is your responsibility to take all documents you need and gather them in one place before shipping. Companies will explain what to prepare and how to organize this process faster and easier. When it comes to the types of documents, you should inform about them in the company. You will surely need to prepare licenses, insurances and a filled out U.S. Customs & Border Protection Vehicle Export Cover Sheet.

Prepare the car

International car shipping to another country is always stressful and surely demands a high level of security and protection. Most of those jobs will organize a company, but you should do small preparations, too. First, check the tires, engine, oil, and other small details. it is good to clean the car and remove all items from the cabin and pockets. Finally, remove cables, but leave gas in the tank and key available, so workers can park the car.