How do expats find jobs and accommodation in Kuwait?

To start with, moving is never easy. It takes a lot of time to prepare, organize thoroughly, and making sure your plan goes accordingly. If this is your first time moving and you need to find jobs and accommodation in Kuwait, follow our great tips. Moreover, if you want to make sure you move without stress, Easy Move KW is a reliable moving company with plenty of experience in that field. However, if you manage to follow our guidelines, we guarantee you’ll have no problems finding anything you need in Kuwait.

Moving abroad

Firstly, moving abroad is a big bite to swallow. It requires a solid preparation and good time management. If you don’t have previous experience with moving, it would be good to consider hiring a reliable professional moving company to support your relocation. Logistics companies in Kuwait already have tremendous experience with this process. This is why you ought to consider hiring movers for your move.

Man sitting on the floor.
Moving abroad is stressful, but definitely an amazing experience.

Secondly, you need to make a plan you will follow throughout the process. This plan should consist of:

  • Being familiar with your visa requirements for Kuwait
  • Knowing and meeting tax obligations in your future country of residence
  • Choosing a reliable international moving company
  • Deciding whether to buy or rent an apartment/house
  • Informing authorities in your home country about relocation
  • Getting your insurance policies
  • Adjusting your driver’s license and other documents

Easy relocation

If you want to have an easy relocation, you need to go through some things first. This means making yet another list of things you ought to do. Even though your relocation won’t consist of just papers in which you’ll write down things to do, it’s actually important to have an elaborated plan. Therefore, to make your relocation easy, consider:

  1. Packing one room at a time – That way you’ll be able to pack efficiently.
  2. Start preparing as soon as you can – This applies to moving in general. Differentiate what you need from what you don’t. You are still moving to a location which is far away from home.
  3. Labeling like a pro – Good organization requires you to pay attention to details. Make sure you use a marker to mark your boxes.
  4.  Ask for help – Getting help throughout this process is nothing to be ashamed of. International movers KW can help you move anything you need in the time you order.
  5. Applying for jobs before moving – If you can, apply for work positions before you leave. There are plenty of companies that could hire their candidates before they officially relocate. Explore your options.
  6. Look for accommodation before you move –  Another great piece of advice is to look for housing before you move. Explore prices and compare whether it pays off to buy or rent.

Since you need to find jobs and accommodation in Kuwait, it’d be good to follow these guidelines.

Living in Kuwait

If you are a newcomer, Kuwait can seem like a very modern, sophisticated, and luxurious place to live in. However, this is not far from true. Kuwait is a beautiful country with so much to offer. There is no need to look for quality elsewhere since Kuwait’s standard is quite high. Consequently, you need to adjust to life in Kuwait and if you plan on living there for some time, you need to meet the criteria. If you need help with shipment abroad, international shipping companies in Kuwait can arrange that for you.

Dock in Kuwait
Living in Kuwait is a privilege you should use in the best possible way.

Nevertheless, there are some things to know to prepare for when moving to Kuwait:

  1. The weather is warm throughout the year
  2. The standard of living is quite high
  3. Although Arabic is the official language, English is widely spoken
  4. Expats have the right to the healthcare system
  5. Salaries are quite high

Finding jobs and accommodation in Kuwait

Depending on your level of education and interests, you can apply for different job positions. If you plan on starting your own business or conducting a project, you must have a partner or a sponsor in Kuwait. The partner/sponsor will then own more than half of your business, while the rest will be left for you to take care of.

Finding a job in Kuwait may vary depending on your qualifications. However, you can work anything from a cleaner in a hotel, to being a partner in a well-respected firm. One of the conditions is knowing English since that is the language used also in the business world. When you need to find jobs in Kuwait, you also need to think about accommodation there.

Finding jobs and accommodation in Kuwait
If you plan on finding a job in Kuwait, make sure you look for accommodation at the same time.

During the first few months of living in Kuwait, you might think about saving some money. This means you could rent an apartment in one of the newly designed apartment blocks. On the other hand, if you want to stay in Kuwait long-term, there are other options for accommodation. Kuwait has spacious and luxurious villas and houses, which usually have extra space for domestic staff.

It would be smart to hire a real estate agent to help you find the first apartment. They will set up a lease in English for you. You can also ask around for a good apartment, which is not a bad option. What’s good about Kuwait is that its housing costs meet the work standards.

Starting a new life

After settling in and starting your new life in Kuwait, you can finally relax. It’s time to enjoy the commodities of the country and use that opportunity you have to explore the country of Kuwait. It has modern architecture, advanced technology and is a very innovative country overall. If you haven’t yet been able to find jobs and accommodation in Kuwait, don’t worry. Thanks to its booming economy, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, you still ought to hurry and do your best to do it quickly. That’s because you can’t experience the beauty of Kuwait if you don’t do your best to adjust to its living standard.