Guide to disassembling gym gear before transportation

If for any reason you want to pack your gym equipment and send it to another location, you must know that there are quite a few steps to perform before you can do it. You must clean, disassemble, and find one of the better cargo companies in Kuwait to carry it over. So, today we will cover the process of disassembling gym gear before transportation and how to do it safely. Let’s take a look.

You must clean and then start disassembling gym gear before transportation

Disassembling gym gear before transportation is quite simple if you stick to the steps and cover them in a particular order. The first step is to clean your gym equipment inside out. Start with external and smaller pieces like weights, yoga mattresses, and towels. Then move on to the bigger pieces like weight machines, treadmills, and other gym equipment you might have. Use regular home chemicals but be aware of the leather surfaces. Some chemicals can damage them beyond repair. So, maybe the smartest thing to do is to use disinfectants or clean all surfaces with a combination of water and vinegar. At least cleaning is easy in this story.

clean before disassembling gym gear before transportation
Clean and prepare your gym equipment before you start packing anything.

Professional movers will help you with disassembling gym gear before transportation

Now, before you begin with disassembling gym gear before transportation, you should decide if you will involve a moving company or do everything by yourself. If you have enough laborers and a proper vehicle, then you can do it by yourself. But if you do not, then you surely must hire Easy Move Kuwait company to cover the hardest part for you. Also, they can help you with packing and disassembling as well. All you must do is give them a call and provide them with the information about the number and weight of the equipment you have. Then, they will offer moving services, provide a moving quote, and set a moving date.

Moreover, a reliable moving and shipping company can cover all legal parts of this story. As you know, such equipment needs proper documents to go through customs. Luckily, your shipping company will apply their custom clearance services Kuwait and ensure your gym equipment does not get stuck somewhere along the way.

Use proper tools to disassemble your gym equipment

Ok, you probably have a few machines in your gym arsenal. Those can be treadmills, bikes, power racks, or elliptical machines. No matter what you have, they must be disassembled by using a proper set of tools. Some equipment is so complex that it has original tools that came along with it. Or it shouldn’t be disassembled in the first place. So, you must figure this out and follow the manufacturer’s guide if this is the case.

gym equipment
Some items shouldn’t be disassembled at all. Read the user’s manual first.

But whatever the case might be, you can still use the basic home tools to do this if you are careful enough. Start by detaching all pieces from the power source. Then, remove weights and all other detachable items. Secure wirings and electronics with tape and a proper cover. Also, you must keep all smaller pieces like bolts, pins, and screws, in separate baggies and labeled correctly. As a matter of fact, you must label everything. And remember to take photos with your cellphone for an easier time when you start assembling everything back again.

You will need an adequate set of packing materials

This cargo is expensive and somewhat dangerous. This means you must use proper packing supplies to secure it all. Remember, because almost all gym equipment is oddly shaped and robust, there is no point in using any cardboard boxes. Maybe a few plastic bins for smaller pieces. But you should wrap most of it in bubble wrap and adhesive tape. This way you are adding more protection by creating a cushiony environment. Wrap everything in a combination of blister packs and cardboard and you are good to go. If you have a slightly bigger budget, use foam protectors specially designed for this situation. And yes, talk to your movers about this part as well because they have packing and moving services Kuwait you can utilize to make this process easier and more efficient. Above all, much safer.

Disassembling gym gear before transportation is fairly easy as you can see. You have already got used to lifting weights so moving things around won’t be a problem. Follow our guide to prepare your equipment adequately and let your movers do the rest. They know how to load the moving truck and move heavy equipment safely. It is better and safer this way. Good luck.