Do you know your moving rights and responsibilities?

If you are preparing for a move you should be aware of your moving rights and responsibilities. During a move, there will be moments where you will need to know your rights or responsibilities. And if you get caught unprepared you could easily end up being scammed or worse. Of course, you don’t need to carry a book of law with you during a move. And no one expects from you to know everything but some general knowledge can be very helpful in some situations. One of the best ways to avoid situations where that knowledge would be of use is to hire residential moving companies Kuwait. That is the most important part of your move. If you find a moving company you can rely on, you can relax and go shopping for new carpets while your movers do the rest.

Moving rights and responsibilities – Moving company

Know your moving right and responsibilities when moving to Kuwait
Kuwait has strict laws so you need to know your moving right and responsibilities well

Moving is a complicated matter because of so many factors that are involved. So, when you are hiring a moving company you don’t need to hire a first one you come across. Search the internet for shipping companies in Kuwait and choose a few that look reliable. Read the visitor comments on their websites or forums, if there are any. If everything looks ok you will need to contact them either by phone or through e-mail. Ask the moving companies to provide you with the following information:

Moving company license

The moving companies should inform you about the licenses they own and provide you with their license numbers. If you know your moving rights and responsibilities you are aware that moving companies need to have proper licenses.


Is this moving company using subcontractors? If the moving company you are planning to hire is using subcontractors to help them you need to know who will be moving your belongings. And who is responsible in case of damage or loss. Don’t forget to ask for their license, too.

Rates & Fees

Price is also very important, so ask about their rates and fees. For long-distance moves, your movers will charge you according to weight and distance. For shorter moves, the moving company will charge you per hour. Of course, if you have some special requirements like going moving large and heavy objects or packing and unpacking services there will be extra fees.


What type of insurance does the company have? There are different types of moving insurance. Maybe you should review available options with your mover, so you can get the most suitable one for you.

Available services

What other services do they offer? There is a wide array of services that moving companies offer. Some companies have more available options than others. Maybe you will choose one company over the other because of the available services they offer. Those services usually include shipping and air freight services, packing and unpacking services, supplying you with the packing supplies, renting a warehouse Kuwait.

Air freight services Kuwait
Maybe you will need to use air freight services Kuwait

There are some good shipping companies in Kuwait that will do all those things for you, so you don’t’ have to worry about anything.

Protecting your belongings

What measures of precautions do they take to protect your valuable belongings? Maybe this will be the crucial thing that will help you choose the right moving company for you.

Moving rights and responsibilities – Your rights

During a move, your moving company will include many factors in determining the overall price of your relocation. Here are the things you should know during a move:

  • Moving estimates – Movers must give you written moving costs estimates. Those estimates can be binding and non-binding which are not always accurate but will give you an overall look at the final price. If you must know your moving rights and responsibilities the moving company should know them too.
  • If you are signing a partially completed document you need to make sure that the document is as close to being complete as possible. It should contain all the relevant information about the moving services your company will provide, so make sure everything is ok.
  • You can request from your mover to give you guaranteed pickup and delivery dates.
  • When your shipment is weighted you have the right to be present and you can request a reweigh if you want.
  • If you are moving under a non-binding estimate, confirm with your mover the payment method at delivery.
  • How will you settle possible loss or damage? Will your mover offer a dispute settlement?

Moving rights and responsibilities – Moving to Kuwait

As you already know, Kuwait is a Muslim country and has some strict laws regarding the items that are allowed to be imported into the country. Kuwait is a Muslim country, and it strictly prohibits importing alcohol and materials that could be used for producing alcoholic beverages.

Kuwait is a Muslim country
Kuwait is a Muslim country with strict laws

It is also strictly forbidden to import pork meat and any other pork products and adult and pornography materials, so keep that in mind. You are free to import your personal and household belongings without paying import taxes. Along with tobacco and perfumes, but for some items, there will be import taxes of 5%. If you are bringing your own medicines you can do that but they must be in their original packaging and you must have all your prescriptions with you if the customs officer asks you to show him.

Moving rights and responsibilities – Your responsibilities

Besides knowing your moving rights, you should also be aware of your moving responsibilities. Some are towards the moving company that you hired for your move. And some are towards the country you are in and whose laws you must follow. And Kuwait is not a place to ignore laws and regulations. If you don’t want to end up in prison or deported you must know the country’s laws and strictly obey them. Another thing you should know about Kuwait laws. If you end up in some kind of commercial dispute with Kuwaiti company or individual you will not be allowed to leave the country until that dispute is resolved. So it is good to have a lawyer who can give you legal advice in this kind of situation.