Do Moving Companies Require Deposits For Your Move?

When you are in the process of moving, you need to learn some important things. For example one of those things you need to learn is do moving companies require deposits? This is one of the questions on which you need to have an answer prepared. And once the day comes to arrange a moving company, you need to know some stuff mostly in order not to get scammed. One of the safest ways to go is to hire shipping companies Kuwait but for now, let’s talk about the answer to the question – do moving companies require deposits. This is a question with many answers, and what you need to know is to recognize a trick when you see it. Here is how.

Do moving companies require deposits for any move?

Moving companies are not always looking for a deposit. Fun fact is that most of the companies do not ask for a deposit when a long-distance move is in question. There is a lot of sense in that, so if you are moving long-distance it can be a red flag if movers ask you for a deposit. On the other hand, there is the time in a year when it’s pretty busy and movers are getting hired by a minute. That part of the year is during the summer. So, it can be pretty common for the moving company to ask for a deposit from you in this case. It is their busiest time of the year, and they need to make sure they don’t lose a job. That is the main reason that they ask for a deposit, and it is completely normal.

a man is giving money
Moving deposits are a common thing

How much?

When it comes to a deposit, there is always that question, how much should you actually pay for a deposit. It is usually a small amount of money, ten percent more or less. If they ask for more, then it can be debatable. It is all part of the agreement you make with the moving company. Therefore, if they ask for more you should say that it is not possible and that you are willing to give a deposit just not the amount they are looking for. If they say no, then it is not your problem. Move along and look for another company.

This is why it is crucial to start looking for a moving company on time. On time means at least one month before the actual move. If you are moving during the summer, then its good to look for them even earlier, you have to have time to choose and make an agreement.

How to find a good moving company?

It is not all about whether moving companies require deposits for your move or not. There are some other things you should be careful about when looking for a moving company. There’s a chance you’ll find an awesome company with great reviews. And their policy will require a deposit of twenty percent. And that shouldn’t be a problem for you. Reliable movers nowadays can be easy to find but only if you follow these steps:

  • Check if they have a license for this line of business
  • Look for reviews
  • Ask around, look for a recommendation
  • See how long they have been in the business
  • Finally, see how big of a deposit they are asking for if they are asking for one at all

Deposit is not a bad thing

Giving a deposit to a moving company is not necessarily some bad thing. And it doesn’t mean that they want to rip you off and similar. This can easily mean that they are really busy and that they have a lot of clients. This means that they are running a good business. They would need a deposit because they need to hold a date for you and a deposit gives some sense of security for you and for them. Therefore, if a moving company covers all the things we mentioned earlier, and if the best scenario happens that someone has a great experience with some company and they recommend them to you then you are good to go. Give them the necessary deposit and be sure that you have that date.

calculator, pen and paper
Make sure you research a moving company

Long distance

We already mentioned that when you are moving long distance a moving company usually doesn’t ask for a deposit. However, there are exceptions to the rule. There are very good companies with a great reputation which ask for a deposit for a long-distance move. The same rule applies. If you have found a great company to relocate you, especially long-distance where there is no place for mistakes, the deposit is something that you should pay. Another interesting fact is that if you are moving long distance, then obviously, the moving will cost you more. Therefore, if movers are asking ten percent of the total cost of the move for a deposit, then your deposit will be slightly higher than it would be if you are moving locally.


If you have to cancel your move, chances are high that you will stay without the deposit. However, if you cancel on time, based on the agreement you have made with the moving company you can get your deposit back. Or at least half of it. It all depends on the agreement. Moving companies usually ask you to cancel the move at least two weeks before in order to give you the deposit back. Moving is stressful, everybody knows that. Who says differently probably never moved anywhere. You have to handle your move the easiest way possible and a way to do so is to follow simple guides that can walk you through this process. And even if an answer to the question do moving companies require deposits is yes, there are some simple tips and tricks can save you some money when you are moving.

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Make sure you check the deposit returning policy

There are a lot of things to think about and cover. So, start everything on time and it will be fine. At the end of the day, all you need is to hire professional packers in Kuwait and you will be all set Just don’t forget to check for a deposit. If they ask for one, you’ll have to pay it to ensure the date is kept for you. So, were you able to conclude do moving companies require deposits in order to relocate you?