Do Europeans prefer Bahrain or Qatar when moving to the Middle East

You’ll be sipping coffee or wandering through a maze of narrow streets when someone would strike up a conversation and invite you home to meet their family and share dinner, at some point during your visit to the Middle East. Alternatively, someone may just approach you and say, “Welcome”. These unexpected, charming, and very sincere greetings may be seen all around the region. And when they do, they have the potential to impact the way you think about the Middle East for the rest of your life. Hospitality, cultural heritage, cuisine, and scenery are some of the reasons people all over the world move to the Middle East. But, do Europeans prefer Bahrain or Qatar when they relocate here? Easy Move Kuwait gives you a guide through our jewels of the Middle East.

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Do Europeans prefer Bahrain or Qatar when moving to the Middle East? We give you an insight.

Why relocate to the Middle East?

The Middle East is an interesting place because it is a true cultural crossroads. The Gulf nations, which combine tradition and modernity, attract a considerable number of expats from Europe looking for a lifestyle fashioned by a diverse cultural mix. With a high standard of living and a low or non-existent tax rate, an expat experience in the Middle East may also be financially rewarding.

Year-round sunlight, little rainfall, and hot temperatures are just a few of the numerous factors that may impact your decision to relocate to the Middle East. Beaches, gorgeous architecture, shopping malls, exquisite cuisine, and the opportunity to learn about different cultures will fill your social schedule, as will the broad range of activities available to you! You’ll be relieved to learn that English is widely spoken as a business language in the Middle East, easing linguistic hurdles for Western expats working in the region and running a business with Middle Eastern people. Learning a second language, on the other hand, is a valuable asset to have and will impress locals while communicating.

Business opportunities

The Middle East is an excellent region to build your business because of its advantageous tax environment, educated workforce, financial and natural resource access, and trading opportunities. You may enjoy a higher level of profitability with no company tax and a cheaper cost of living. Here are a few of the most recent business opportunities in the Middle East to consider:

  • Advertising
  • Web Development
  • Financial Services (bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing)
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Travel Agencies
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Apparel and Jewelry

Hight quality of life

It’s no secret that the cost of living in the Middle East is higher than in other parts of the world, such as Southeast Asia.  The standard of living is extremely good, with culturally diverse cities offering a broad range of nightlife, food, and lifestyle options. Furthermore, the region’s transportation expenses are low (the area is, after all, immensely wealthy in oil), and the housing options are modern and efficient.

Landscape of Bahrain
Bahrain is one of the most liberal states in the Middle East

With so many benefits to choose from, deciding on a location may be difficult. So, which country would be the greatest fit for you if you wanted to live and work in the Middle East?

Living in Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the most liberal states in the Gulf. Women can drive and work; expat women do not have to cover their heads or wear abayas (floor-length cloaks) though modest clothing is advisable; pork and alcohol can easily be purchased and many restaurants are licensed. There is a wide range of accommodation options, from flats to stand-alone villas and gated communities. As a result of the large number of foreigners who work as real estate agents, locating a native English speaker to assist you is simple. If you are looking into moving here, Easy Move Kuwait can help you with shipping to Bahrain.

Health and dental treatment are excellent, but they are costly if you do not have health insurance. There are many major private hospitals and several dental clinics, so you will not need to return home for routine medical care, while some people choose to return home for more specialized treatments.

Social life and recreation

There are tennis, golf, and horseback riding groups, as well as literature clubs, language schools, and workshops in everything from pilates to ceramics. Mums in Bahrain have a lot of information about activities to do with kids, so check it out. Volunteer possibilities abound, with organizations established to assist both impoverished Bahrainis and the large expat community from the subcontinent who have been brought in to work on building projects or in local businesses. Bahrain provides a bunch of outstanding restaurants that serve both locals and expats. Many of the better restaurants are licensed and not in hotels, which is unusual for the Gulf.

Living in Qatar

Qatar is a wealthy country with countless opportunities. Qatar can be a very inviting place for foreigners, thanks to its high standard of living, great healthcare, and outstanding educational opportunities. The country’s economy has thrived in recent years, with the oil, banking, financial services, and technology industries all performing well.

If you’re thinking about relocating to Qatar, you’ll discover that it’s also a great place to work for expats looking for new chances. Qatar may be a fascinating location to live, with several benefits to coming to the area. During your relocation, you can leave all the work to Easy Move Kuwait when shipping to Qatar.

Landscape of Qatar
Living in Qatar can be costly, but it is also highly rewarding

Social and business opportunities

The country’s population is small, and the expat community is tight. As a result, creating contacts in Qatar can be simple. Qatar genuinely does provide a unique array of experiences for expats to discover, with first-rate museums, intriguing cultural events, spectacular desert scenery, and a lovely coastline.

Expats who want to do business in Qatar must strictly follow the laws. Those wanting to relocate to Qatar or visit the country for work should be aware that they will be unable to work in the country without a valid work visa (which is frequently granted by the employer).

To conclude, do Europeans prefer Bahrain or Qatar?

Expats will be able to take advantage of a range of benefits when they relocate to the Middle East. The area has a lot to offer, from breathtaking landscapes of the desert and coastline to ever-expanding professional options. Do Europeans prefer Bahrain or Qatar? We will leave for you to decide. Whichever decision you make when relocating, contact us for any assistance, and Easy Move Kuwait will be at your service.