Dealing with summertime move to Kuwait

What is the best season to move to Kuwait?  Are you preparing for yours? Summer might not be the best time to explore Kuwait but depending on what parameters you are moving you might not have a choice but to take the advantage of the sunshine. Undoubtedly, a lot of people plan to move during the summer due to work and changes in professional life. So, it is no surprise, that summer is the busiest time of the year in the moving industry as a huge number of people relocate in this period. However, moving is challenging regardless of location and period. Thus, have a look at some hints on moving to Kuwait during the summer months that can help you go through this process smoothly.

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Summertime move to Kuwait – when to start preparing

Research and prepare early

Finding a reputable moving company won’t be a problem. There are many reliable shipping companies in Kuwait as the inflow of expatriates rose continuously over the years, and now, they make 70% of the total Kuwaiti population. Frankly speaking, they have their hands full so you will have to start preparing early when moving house in Kuwait during the summer months. Act, don’t wait to avoid being surprised by the small number of available moving companies at the peak of the season. A great majority of moving professionals are booked up months in advance. So, if there is a special company that you have heard of and you want to hire them, contact them as soon as you decide to move.

Summertime move to Kuwait – midweek

Generally, avoid weekends when moving. Naturally, the same advice applies when moving house to Kuwait in the summer months. It’s vacation time and many people are on holiday or have far more free time during the summer. Therefore booking weekends for the move will be harder. On the other hand, you won’t face the same issues on weekdays. Opt for the middle of the week, Wednesday would be the most suitable if possible.


One of the most cited disadvantages people associate with summertime move to Kuwait is the heat. Extremely hot summers may be the well-justified reason for you to postpone your relocation for the winter months.  Make sure you stay hydrated, drink enough water as you will be disposed to a lot of stress. Wear light bright clothes, so you don’t overheat. There is a danger of heatstroke when you are dealing with the move to Kuwait during the summer.

Secure your belongings

Upon arriving you may be looking for temporary storage options to secure your belongings until you find more favorable housing. Some items are prone to damage when exposed to high temperatures so if you are moving sensitive items such as music instruments, vinyl records, or other memorable CDs or cassettes be sure to store them well not to be in contact with high heat for too long.

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Summertime move to Kuwait – the best is yet to come after the move

Documentation – Visas and Permits in  Kuwait

All non-nationals need a visa or entry permit to enter Kuwait. However, nationals of other member states of the Gulf don’t fall within this category. They are free to enter and even live in Kuwait without any particular formal procedures. Kuwait’s immigration system is built on sponsorship. By the rule, visitors must be sponsored by a Kuwaiti national or company while they are staying in Kuwait. Moreover, sponsors are responsible for the visitor and legally obliged if the visitor disobeys any laws or regulations. When the expatriate workers are concerned, the sponsor is the employer in Kuwait.

Kuwait  Visas

There are three types of Kuwait visas that you can get.

  • Short Stay Visa
  • Work Permits and Residency Visas
  • Dependent Visas

Short Stay Visa

Kuwaiti visitor visas are valid for a stay of up to 30 days. If you overstay, you will end up paying a fine (10 Kuwait Dinar per day) upon leaving the country. Citizens from 70 countries are granted entry visas upon arrival in Kuwait.

Work Permits and Residency Visas

If an expatriate wants to live and work in Kuwait, he/she must obtain a residency visa. This can be issued only if an expatriate receives an offer from the company or a Kuwait government organization. For a residency visa, you will also need to provide a thorough medical examination certificate including testing for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and tuberculosis. Once you get your residency visa, you can apply for a Kuwaiti Civil ID  within 30 days of receiving the residency visa.

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Kuwait is an attractive choice for ex-pats

Dependent Visas

Dependent visas are issued to male ex-pats who would like to bring their families to Kuwait. There are some restrictions set based on the salary range.  Dependent visas are issued upon arrival in Kuwait. Likewise, dependents have to go through the same medical examinations as for the residency visa.

Housing in Kuwait

Presently, foreigners cannot buy property in Kuwait, although this law may change soon. Until this changes, the most common alternative for ex-pats in Kuwait is to rent a home. The majority of ex-pats in Kuwait either live in apartments or compounds. You can rent a home in Kuwait of any shape or size, from one-bedroom apartments in skyscrapers to spacious family “villas”. However, rental prices have been rapidly going up recently.  Commonly, employers provide some housing allowance for expatriate employees. Finding an appropriate temporary home is not an easy task. Even so, you have nothing to worry about. Quality housing is easily available and landlords are generally eager to rent to ex-pats. If you need custom clearance services in Kuwait at the end of the successful summer relocation, you can count on Easy Move Kuwait.

Undoubtedly, dealing with your summertime move to Kuwait is challenging. Luckily, detailed research, early preparation, and planning of the moving process will help you relocate smoothly and without major difficulties. We hope this short overview will give you some hints and ideas on where and when to start this endeavor and ease the process. All in all, Kuwait is an attractive choice for many ex-pats, we wish you good luck and smooth relocation.