Common customs problems when shipping cargo

Customs clearance can create many problems for both shipper and the end customer. There are unexpected fees, poor cargo handling, and a bunch of legalities involved. No matter what you do, you can’t run away from a game of chance where your cargo can be damaged, lost, misplaced, or even held back for many reasons. But if you want to avoid customs problems when shipping cargo, you must know more about it. The basic info can be obtained from the company that provides custom clearance services Kuwait. And we will provide you with the information that is gathered by users, customers, and companies over time. Let’s take a look at the valuable advice we have prepared for you today.

You must have all the documentation if you want to avoid customs problems when shipping cargo

When it comes to shipping, the documents involved in the process and required by the law are highly important. If you are missing but one paper, you can have your shipment delayed or even sent back to the shipper. So, to avoid legalities-related customs problems when shipping cargo, you must cover all the requirements before shipping anything. Usually, those are the packing list, packing declaration, certificate of origin, and commercial invoice. Now, there might be more depending on the country you are shipping from and shipping to. Also, the nature, value, and condition of the shipment can ask for more documentation and even special procedures.

handle legalities to avoid customs problems when shipping cargo
You must have al shipping-related legalities covered and up to date before you conduct any business.

Although, if you know nothing about the documents, laws, and procedures, maybe you should leave this to your cargo companies in Kuwait. They will handle all the requirements and provide the necessary knowledge so you can stay in the loop. It is far better to leave this part to professionals, even if you have the basic knowledge about it. The chances for mishaps will surely be lower.

Import permits are the most important thing in this story

Now, the most important document related to importing and exporting is the permit to do it in the first place. You can have all sorts of customs problems when shipping cargo if you do not have the license to do it. Even more so if you get caught conducting business without it. Not to mention if you are shipping prohibited items in the process. So, if you are running a legit business, you know this one already. Obtain permits and licenses and run a legit business.

If you are a customer and you want to ship goods without ever thinking about a single regulatory clause or procedure, hire a proper shipping company for the job. We recommend Easy Move Kuwait as one of the best moving and shipping companies. Give them a call and you’ll be most satisfied with the service they provide.

Illegal goods can create customs problems when shipping cargo

There is an extensive list of goods and items that are prohibited and will be held at customs. And the list can be even longer in some parts of the world. But one thing is certain, your package is stuck at customs for a reason. This can create huge problems for the shipper and receiver. So, check the short list of items that are prohibited:

  • Guns and ammo.
  • Explosives.
  • Flammable liquids and materials.
  • Animals.
  • Chemicals and medicine.
  • Tobacco and alcohol.
a man in a warehouse
There is a list of prohibited items. Follow the rules and avoid having your shipment confiscated.

These are just a few but the most important ones. In most situations when the shipment is held at customs, it is because it contains one of the items we have mentioned. So, make sure to check if any of the items you are shipping is on the list and if you still must ship them, obtain permits and notify customs in advance.

Damaged goods can be detained at customs

The list of illegal items brings us to our next topic. What if your items are damaged in transit and reach customs in a bad condition? This situation becomes much harder if those items are on the list of prohibited items. For example, if you are shipping food or medicine, damage and spillage must be assessed properly. There are regulations to prevent contamination and pandemics and that is the reason why your items must be detained and properly processed. This won’t take long but if you are on schedule, it can still ruin your day. Not to mention the additional costs, fees, and a waiting period for reimbursement. In case you had insurance in the first place.

So, the best way to avoid such a scenario is to let professional packers handle your cargo beforehand. They will realize if there are prohibited items and ensure they can reach the other side safely. But most importantly, they will pack the entire shipment professionally and prevent this scenario from happening altogether.

Now you know enough about customs problems when shipping cargo. If you are careful and apply the advice we have provided, you shouldn’t have any problems. Make sure you are dealing with a legit shipping company, and everything will be just fine. Good luck.