Best ways to ship your furniture overseas

You’re certainly hoping to start a new life when you move overseas, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be brand new. Better weather, different foods, and a new career are all wonderful, but there are certain things you simply cannot leave behind. Your family and pets are surely the first ones on the list, followed most probably by your furniture. When you ship your furniture overseas, it is important that your items are handled with great care. That’s when we at Easy Move Kuwait jump in to assist you and ease all of your troubles while transitioning overseas. We have many solutions up our sleeves, and with our help, you will have the best results.

One of the ways to ship your furniture overseas is by air freight
Trust our team of professionals to ship your furniture overseas

What should you do before you pack and ship your furniture overseas?

Whether you want to relocate your entire life or just a few important possessions for a year or two, properly organizing how you pack boxes for moving will save you time and money in the long run. Even if you don’t plan on bringing much with you, it’s worth it to invest in proper packing supplies rather than relying on basic home packaging. Whether your products are fragile or not, sturdy cardboard boxes, heavy-duty adhesive tape, and foam cushioning are all smart ideas. You don’t want a dropped box to ruin all of your hard work. Here’s how to start:

  • Make a list of all of your furniture – A well-organized list will greatly assist you in determining what you will need to transport. After you’ve made a list of everything, go through it and trim it down. Check for any duplicates or goods you don’t use or need, then cross them off your list.
  • Examine your furnishing – You should inspect each item’s condition and photograph any signs of wear and tear. That way, if something is bumped in transportation, you’ll be able to verify it and file an insurance claim (if you have it). You should also evaluate your most valuable possessions and determine whether they require professional packaging.
  • Pick your packaging materials carefully – There’s more to packing than boxes and sellotape. Corrugated cardboard sheets, furniture coverings, and plastic stretch wrap are just a few of the excellent options for international packing. After you’ve determined the objects you’ll bring, think about the resources you’ll need to pack them.

How to prepare your belongings for abroad relocation?

If you’re moving valuable or fragile things, it’s always a good idea to have the mover document the condition and carefully pack them so that damage may be covered by insurance.  You should completely wrap smaller furniture items, such as chairs, bedside cabinets, and bookshelves, to avoid damage or friction. Before wrapping, you can place tiny goods in drawers to cut cargo volume and decrease shipping costs. If you utilize the available space, you will also be able to reduce the cost of shipping furniture internationally. While packing and wrapping, you can also use soft things like clothing and towels as cushioning.

A couple wrapping their furniture before packing
Wrap and pack your furniture properly to ensure it will arrive at your destination safely

Now that you’ve organized all your furniture, the important question is – how to ship it to your new location abroad? Whether you need sea, air, or land transportation, freight forwarders in Kuwait are designed to deliver you with the most guidance possible during the shipping procedure while also reducing your costs. In addition, we are familiar with a variety of tasks, including consolidation, transportation, and insurance. We offer assistance from professionally packing, to booking cargo space, warehousing, tracking, and more.

To summarize, think of these precautions:

  • Hire a professional shipper to help you pack the furniture properly
  • Take photos of your furniture before the movers arrive
  • Always insure your belongings with the moving company’s shipping insurance
  • Verify that the movers accurately described the goods on the inventory and recorded any damage
  • You shouldn’t transport any low-value furniture. Buying new furniture at your destination might cost you less than the cost of shipping
  • Inspect the condition upon arrival before signing your delivery note

Extra tips for shipping furniture overseas

First and foremost, the security of your belongings should be the top priority. You are exposing them to the greater risk of damage if you do not properly pack them! You should consider the logistics of the shipping next. Otherwise, you risk having your belongings stolen or misplaced, which is never a good thing. When shipping to Bahrain, there are a lot of factors to consider. Thankfully, you can rely on our team to handle your abroad shipment. We make every effort to ensure that all shipments arrive securely, regardless of their destination or the items being shipped. We go over all of your wants and concerns with you in detail to ensure that the process runs flawlessly.

A man holding an application form
Gathering all the required paperwork can be a hassle, but our team will provide you will all the documents you will need


There’s a lot to do to prepare your personal documentation for an international relocation, but there’ll also be paperwork for the items you want to bring with you. The paperwork you’ll need should be available from the shipping provider you’re working with. Hiring an experienced moving company also ensures that there will be no delays with your belongings due to bothersome paperwork difficulties. There may be strict clearances required when your things travel around the world. Our professional packing services ensure that your items are properly packed, labeled, and organized before being shipped to minimize any needless delays. Last but not least, think about moving insurance. Despite the fact that moving belongings overseas has become much more frequent due to global mobility, mishaps occasionally occur. Make sure you safeguard your most valuable possessions.

You get access to our unique packing methods, transportation, and insurance knowledge, as well as our ability to speed any legal or border difficulties by choosing professional movers like Easy Move Kuwait. If you’re ready to relocate internationally, contact us to make the process easier! Helping you ship your furniture overseas is just one of the services our team is happy to do. We take great pleasure in providing the greatest moving experience for our clients while staying within their budget and meeting their demands.