All you need to know about containers for car shipping

Anybody who owns a car will tell you how important it is to them. That’s why you need to know everything you can before transporting them to your location. The most frequent method used by companies is containers for car shipping. You can trust that we at Easy Move Kuwait know how to bring your car in one piece and without damages. We’ve done this countless times, so we only find it fit to talk to you about everything you need to know about containers we’ll use. 

Why do people choose containers for car shipping?

Shipping a car with the help of a container is not just the most used method but also the safest. Another reason it’s so popular is that, depending on where you’re shipping your car, you can also send personal items with it. However, you have to take personal items out of the car itself. If you’re using international car shipping services you can transport personal items but they have to be packed separately inside the container. Here are the ways your container can be transported:

  • Cargo ship
  • Air
  • Rail
  • Truck
Ships transporting containers
The most used method when it comes to transportation of containers for car shipping is by boat

What types of containers can you choose from?

One of the important factors when it comes to shipping your car is the dimension of the container. That can tell you if your car or more cars can fit inside. The gold standard of containers are the 20 and 40 feet ones, but ones that are 45 and 53 exist too but are used rarely for this occasion. A positive side of containers, and why you can possibly fit a couple of moving boxes Kuwait inside of them, is that all the containers are made the same for every company around the world. That standard helps companies pick up any goods, here cars, without any problems.

How much do containers for car shipping cost?

Are containers for car shipping a big investment? Well, it depends on more things than just the container itself. Above all, the most obvious price deciders are the distance your car will have to cover in transport and the prices of the logistics and transportation of the company you choose. Prepare your wallet as shipping a car can get pricey. The transport by air will cost you the most, while the cheapest for international shipping is the one by sea. Don’t forget about potential fees! You might need to pay additional insurance, taxes, and other fees that might come up.

a piggy bank with some money beside it
Shipping your car might get expensive depending on the method you use

How long does it take for your car to arrive?

Sometimes, it’s really difficult to sit around and wait for your favorite car to arrive. Especially if you didn’t ride it in a long time. Obviously, transporting it by air will be the quickest, but also the priciest method. However, when using a boat, be it the most expensive car in the world or just a car you hold dear by heart, it will take at least a week for it to arrive. And only if the destinations aren’t too far away. Your wait can be even a month-long depending on the locations you’re sending your car from and to. This obviously excludes any potential problem at the customs.

Whatever you decide to do when it comes to transportation, you can be sure that everything will go smoothly. This might seem like a big job with a lot of logistics involved and that’s true, but you need to know that especially international companies make this a lot easier for them. For example, the containers for car shipping are all standardized and are kind of a one size fits all type of tool in the moving and transportation industry. We wish your car safe travels and hope you’re going to sit in its driver’s seat soon!