All you need to know about container prices

Air freight and sea freight are the main shipping options in the world. When it comes to Kuwait, this country is very freight-forward. We at Easy Move Kuwait would like to tell you all you need to know about container prices and the whole process of freight. With a reliable freight company, you will always be sure that your cargo is in safe hands.

What are air and sea freight?

Freight is the process of transporting a lot of cargo either via air or via sea. You might be wondering if there are huge differences between these two types of freight.

Sea freight is often considered more cost-effective, but it does come with some risks. Sea freight can be unexpected, unsafe, and even dirty. This doesn’t mean you need to give up on transporting your goods by sea, but we would urge you to stay careful. If you’re interested in more info about sea freight, here’s everything you need to know about it.

A picture of cargo containers
Container prices can be very different so you need to be well informed

Air freight is often regarded as a more secure option. Many people consider air freight less eco-friendly, but this isn’t necessarily true. Even though both options can get into some delays, air freight will more often than not follow the correct deadlines. 

Our air freight Kuwait offers additional information as well as a few additional tips and cost estimates. Be sure to stay informed!

Different types of container shipping

Before we get to the container prices themselves, you first need to know which container shipping options exist. If you choose sea freight, there are a couple of container shipping options to consider.


Full Container Load or FCL is a term used for shipping containers booked by one shipper for only their cargo. If you’re transporting your own goods, this option’s for you. This means you won’t need to share shipping containers with any other shippers. FCL also offers more safety and security for your cargo.


LCL which stands for Less than Container Load is the more flexible and inexpensive option. Another advantage of LCL is that you can ship your cargo as soon as it’s ready, without waiting to fill a whole container by yourself. Since you’ll be sharing containers, we suggest this option for less time-sensitive transport and less expensive cargo.

What do you need to know about container prices?

Container prices vary according to which type of shipment method you chose, and the shipping distance. A lot of other things can influence the price as well. For example, how quickly you want your goods delivered, or how much cargo you have. We’d like to present to you a few container price estimates when shipping from different parts of the world.

A picture of shipping containers
FCL is the safest option for more expensive cargo!

Shuwaikh and Shuwaiba are the usual destinations people ship to, so the following prices reflect the rates of shipping to these two cities.


If you’re shipping from the US, there are varying options in accordance with where you’re shipping from. Container prices for shipping from the US vary from approximately $1.250 to $4.650.

Estimated costs of shipping from:

  • Los Angeles – from $1.340 to $4.650
  • New York City – from $1.343 to $1.939
  • Newark – from $1.085 to $1.135
  • Charleston – from $1.226 to $3.550


When shipping from the UK to Kuwait, the estimated prices of FCL transport range between £750 and £990. These rates reflect just port-to-port transport. If you’re interested in door-to-door, the prices will differ.

Now, when it comes to LCL transport, it’s a bit different. Depending on the volume of the cargo, prices range between approximately £60 to £728.


Container shipping prices from Spain to Kuwait range from $1.083 to an incredible $6.800. Since Spain is a lot closer to Kuwait, the lower shipping rates reflect that. The really high ones reflect bigger amounts of cargo, quicker shipping, and similar.

Estimated costs of shipping from:

  • Barcelona – from $1.128 to $3.802
  • Madrid – from $1.344 to $6.735
  • Valencia – from $1.345 to $3.141

Other options to think over

Air and sea freight are not always the most affordable options. Although we do recommend them for their speed and security, we understand that not everyone will have the finance. There are some more affordable options to consider. But if money isn’t a problem, we can suggest sea-air freight.

A woman calculating the container prices

Make the shipping prices fit into your budget.

Ground freight

Ground freight is a cheaper freight option that is used for items that aren’t time-sensitive. This type of freight is basically land transportation, similar to moving companies. This will, of course, not be an option for everyone, depending on where you live. But if your goods can be transported via land and you aren’t in a big hurry, ground freight might be the right pick for you.

Our land transportation company Kuwait can be of great assistance here. We can provide you with maximum transparency and affordable rates. As well as professional staff with years worth of experience.

Sea/air freight

If you thought your options were exhausted, there is still more. Sea/air freight can offer you the perfect combination of speed and low cost. Seeing how air freight services could be out of your budget, a combination of sea and air is the next best thing to ensure speed AND a lower cost.

Sea/air freight is basically your cargo doing part of the journey by sea and the other part by air. This type of transportation isn’t offered by every freight company, but it is worth a shot asking!

Container train

Now for the ultimate low-cost transportation option, we have the container train solution! Apart from being the most inexpensive way of freight, it is also the most eco-friendly. Since trains travel by rails at greater speeds, this option could be perfect for quicker transport as well. There is a significantly higher chance of your cargo arriving on time.

Need storage?

We hope you’ve learned all you need to know about container prices and freight. The only thing left is to continue on your business path. If storage was something you were worried about, worry not. Our storage services Kuwait are here to help in any way needed! Good luck.