A guide to throwing a going-away party

Throwing a going away party could be the most attractive and funny occasion you will have during the move. For most people, it is the only interesting thing that will happen during the long period of packing and organizing. You surely need some time to prepare for the move, and it is the period when you will need patience and goodwill. There are high chances that you are not interested in organizing a party. However, you will need to make this party, and it will be maybe the only refreshing and relaxing occasion at this moment. If you are lucky, your friends will make sure that this party is the occasion for remembering. When it comes to moving, leave it to the professionals in moving companies in Kuwait.

Throwing a going away party could be seriously important

If you are preparing for the move, you have a lot of things in your mind. You worry about the packing, organizing, and all-important details. It is a moment when you should not forget about your friends and neighbors. A good party will help you clear your mind and say goodbye to your friends simultaneously. Do not avoid opportunities to have fun.

People at a party
Preparing a throwing a going-away party is most important when organizing moving

Pick right place

Although you spend your days before moving into the old home, it is not a good place for a party. There are reasons why you should organize it at some other place. Just remember how many troubles you have getting rid of the trash, old furniture, and boxes. Maybe you will need to pack your items for storage, and warehousing companies in Kuwait have recommended doing it as fast as possible. You will need to organize packing and protecting items, and surely do not have time for cleaning after the party. The best is to choose a neutral place for the party.

Gather all people in one place

This is an opportunity to put all people in one place, no matter what they mean to you. It includes friends but also colleagues and neighbors at the same time. Do not forget that you will need to organize a party before starting with packing, so you can easily coordinate the situation. International movers Kuwait will surely help you organize, so you should not worry about that problem. On the other hand, packing is not that dramatic when you have good friends who will help you.

Pick right date

Parties are usually on weekends so people can easily organize their free time and stay longer at night. It could mean that you will not have many places to reserve. However, make sure that everybody can manage their time and come to your party. It is allowed to check with them, or at least ask your closest friends if they can come to your party. Make sure that you have chosen the time that suits everyone. Professional packing services Kuwait will help you with the rest of the job.

Make your party funnier

It is important to organize a party that everybody will talk about. There are great ways to make it, but before starting with organizing, ask people what they like the most. Some of the details could be too complicated for some people.

People at a part
Your friends will be glad to come to your party

A party theme

There are different opinions about the party theme. At the same time, some people think that it is too complicated to manage, others like parties where they can play roles or have special decorations. If you are among the second ones, you should be very careful with the organizing. Do not make your friends uncomfortable, so they cannot adjust to the party’s demands. On the other hand, you can make a theme party with the details of where you will move to.

  • You can organize a packing party where people could help you in this job;
  • Throwing a going away party with the theme that points at the place where you are moving to is a good choice;
  • A funny theme is always a good option, especially if you have people there who are interested in those types of parties.

Determine people that will lead the party

Since you will call colleagues, friends, and neighbors, you will have a wide type of people at your party. It is the reason why throwing a going-away party that difficult to organize. Some people can feel quite uncomfortable not knowing how to start a conversation with others. A good option is to choose people that will mingle and start communicating with others. They also can connect with people that have similar interests and hobbies.

Provide good snacks and drink

We usually think of parties as places with a lot of alcohol, but you should not give too many alcoholic drinks for this occasion. Without emotional and dramatic reactions, you will need fresh and clear people there. Much better is to make light punches and offer cocktails with a small amount of alcohol. When it comes to the food, make sure that it is a food that everybody loves to eat and does not have allergies or intolerant to ingredients.

You should provide enough food and drinks

Play games

Depending on the number of guests, party theme, and type of people, you can organize very interesting and attractive party games. It should be interesting to all people at the party, without defensive or too complicated details. However, make sure that nobody feels weird because of the game that you have planned. Otherwise, throwing a going-away party could be a bad idea.

Make sure that your friends will remember you

It is worthless if you organize throwing a going away party that nobody will remember. You will need to make the party that people will talk about years after your move. There are a few ways to make it easier.

Give your friends a gift

You want to remember this moment, so you should not leave the guests without any memory. It is good to give them a small but cute gift that they will always remember you. You should not buy expensive gifts, though. A small but effective bracelet or key holder could be enough. At the same time, throwing a going-away party will get a completely new dimension.