10 items you should keep at hand on a moving day

Among items you should keep at hand on a moving day, you surely should consider toilet paper and medicine, but the list is not ended. As a matter of fact, the list of the essentials that you should take with you during moving is much longer. You should remember that most of the items are needed for emergencies, but some other items should make the traveling comfortable. Things become harder if you move with the children, that are usually demanding and do not like these changes. You will need to take their favorite toys, food, and anything that keeps them calm. The moving itself should not be difficult if you rely on one of the professional moving companies in Kuwait.

Items you should keep at hand on a moving day

When preparing for a moving day is most important to leave the most important items at hand. You will have many situations when you need them, so make them available at every moment. When it comes to moving, you will need to put those items on top in a bag that will travel with you.

Toiletries are among the items you should keep at hand on a moving day


Many forget about toiletries and do not keep those items you should keep at hand on a moving day. It is because they believe that when they make a stop during the traveling, it would be in a restaurant or gas station. They usually have toiletries, but it is not always the case. Also, you can go to the toilet in a place without toilet paper or simply need to wash your hand when surrounded by a mess. Professional warehousing companies in Kuwait could help you move boxes to the storage, but you will get dirty, too. In these situations is better to keep toiletries at hand on a moving day.

Batteries and a charger

For most people is important to have a mobile phone at hand no matter where they are. However, in these situations is also important to have batteries since they are not always available. International movers Kuwait often face situations when they need to help people who have forgotten their chargers and cannot use mobile phones. On the other hand, it will take too long and too much effort to find a store where you can buy one.

Cleaning tool

No matter where you will move to and whose house you are leaving, you should prepare for cleaning. It is your goodwill to leave your house clean, but in most cases, you will show hospitality and good manners. It is why you should keep a cleaning tools as one of the items you should keep at hand on a moving day. Also, you will be forced to clean your new house after moving, and after all those people who will carry your boxes. It will make your job much easier and faster.

Organizing moving

It is not easy to organize moving for many reasons. Some of them are unexpected troubles, broken items, or heavy boxes. You will need help, and sometimes it is not possible to get it. So, experts recommend having a hand tool at hand on a moving day.

Hand tool

Maybe you are not a professional in this job, but you still need to have a proper tool for situations that you cannot control. There are many of them when you need to fix or make a small reparation, so keep a proper tool at hand on a moving day.

Hand tool
You will need to make small reparations when moving

Home repair tool

Every house should have a bag with a home tool that includes a simple but useful hand tool. Among them are items that could fix even the bigger damages and scratches.

  • Put in a bag screwdrivers, a small hammer, and tongs;
  • One of the items you should keep at a hand on a moving day is duck tape;
  • Do not forget to put batteries and chargers for the tool in this bag, too.

Fire extinguisher

The most important thing when organizing any house job is to keep all safe. A fire extinguisher is one of the items that you should have in the house in any circumstances since you cannot prevent many dangerous situations. You should keep the same device at hand on a moving day, so you can easily prevent bigger problems and damage. Also, learn how to use the device to prevent problems.

Kitchen supplies

Although you will not be able to cook like in normal situations, professionals advise you to have supplies from the kitchen should be among the items you should keep at hand on a moving day. The reason is that you will need to eat, even fast food, and those supplies will bring you the comfort you need. On the other hand, do not forget that those supplies are usually very difficult to pack, so keep them protected.

Children and pets

If you are moving with children and pets, you know what happens when something of those favorites is missing. They are used on toys and food, and you cannot change those habits in any circumstances. For those reasons, those are items that you should keep at hand on a moving day.

Try to prepare healthy snacks for you and the children

Favorite snacks

Eating during moving days is not easy, and you surely will not be able to organize a meal like in common situations. For those reasons, professionals advise preparing favorite snacks, so children and pets can feel a little more comfortable. Those are good when they are nervous or have trouble adapting to new circumstances. Favorite food gives them comfort and could help in avoiding common problems. Just do not exaggerate with snacks, though; they could have trouble digesting.

Toys and books

For older children should be easier to accept the new circumstances, and you should be able to prepare them for moving easily. However, they will also have trouble when trying to adapt to long traveling or often stops. It is easier to give them something that resolves those problems. In most cases, those are toys, but you can easily use books that they like the most. Make sure that you have put their favorite toy in the bag. It should be among the items you should keep at hand on a moving day.