What are the items you should pack last when relocating?

Packing itself is time-consuming and exhausting, and knowing how and when to do it can be tricky. It’s natural to wonder which items you should pack last when relocating to avoid an overcrowded home during your move. Making an itinerary of all the items you’ll bring with you is never easy. Also, it is not the same if you’re packing for a local or long-distance move, or if you’re packing sensitive or ordinary items. Ask yourself which items you’ll need to have by your side during the move, and you’ll have your answer. Our Easy Move Kuwait are happy to help you create the perfect packing list that’ll leave no item forgotten.

Items you should pack last when relocating because you will use them during packing

Among the items you should pack last when relocating are those you will use when moving. Most of the items are used daily, like toiletries, so you will need to pack them so you can reach them at every moment. You will use them during transportation, too, which is also highly important to remember. After moving, you will also use them first, so put them somewhere where you can find them easily.

Toiletry bag
Items you should pack last when relocating are those that you will use the most.


You know how difficult it is to travel without necessities like toiletries. It does not presume toilet paper or tissues. Professional international moving companies will tell you that you will need to use washing gel and sun cream often, too. Put in this bag shower gel, too, so you will have a more pleasant first night after moving. After all, you will have very busy first days after moving, so make them easier to avoid shopping on the first days. This bag should include medicine for the same reason.

Basic tools

It is not important to point out why it is important to pack basic tools when organizing moving. Do not forget that you will have a lot of items to pack and prepare for moving. As emplyers in warehousing companies in Kuwait say that you will need to separate, disassemble, or pack most of them again. A package of basic tools will help in those situations. It will be easier if you have a tool when you damage furniture or other pieces and resolve the problem simultaneously. You will have much more time for unpacking later.

Bed linen

When you finish packing, ensure that you have separated at least one package of bed linens, so you can use them right after moving. You surely want to avoid a bad moving experience when relocating to Kuwait, but you should not focus on that. It is a perfect first-night kit that each person should have with them when they move. On the other hand, you will need them for the last night in the old home, and they will make moving easier. For the same reason, you should pack a package of towels, which you will use during the traveling, too.

Extra changes and cloth

Although you will pack your wardrobe earlier, it is important to pack a spare wardrobe to take with you when moving. The reason is simple; you will change your cloth often when moving. Not only will you need a lot of T-shirts and socks, but it would be good to have spare trousers, too. This is important if you have children, too, so make sure you pack a bag with those items separately.

  • Pack spare T-shirts because you will surely sweat a couple of times;
  • It would be good to among items to pack last when moving put spare trousers;
  • Make sure that you have more than one combination extra for your kids.

Important items that you should pack the last

Among items you should pack last when moving are items you will not use when moving, but you need to pack separately. Not only that it will keep them in front of your eye when it is needed, but you will surely not forget them in that way. Also, some of those items you will need to use during the transportation, so it would be easier to pack them the last.

Toilet paper
Make sure to leave some toilet paper and tissues for any last minute mishaps.


Although documents we usually use daily and take with us, when moving situation is completely different. Just imagine all those boxes and bags in front of you and how difficult it is to control all you have whole the time. For those reasons, you should pack documents the last, so you will not forget to pack them. Choose a special bag for documents, use a plastic folder for contracts and papers, and protect documents during moving.


Things become pretty confusing when organizing moving. You will forget which is your old one and which is your new home. You can easily mix up which keys you should use in that confusion. For that reason, you should leave them for the end. After you pack bags and boxes, put them in a separate pocket. It would be good if you write on them for which usage they are. Some keys are similar, so you can easily mix them up. Also, use a special pocket not to lose them.

Items that you will use at the very end of a relocation

Among the items you should pack last when moving are those you will use the last. They are not important for moving, and you could throw them away after moving, but now they are important. Among them are cleaning tools, but some daily used items that you will need now.

Cleaning tools

You know that you will need to clean the house after packing. Leaving the house with papers, plastic wraps, and dirty to the new owners is not good. Clean the home; the old owners in a new home will clean their house for you. You may even come into the house that nobody lived in for months. You will still need to clean it again. So, put the cleaning tool close to you and spare yourself the trouble. Learn 10 best cleaning tools eveery house should have.

You will need to pack pajamas, especially for the little ones.

Simple cooking gadgets

You have not planned to cook during the move, but what about the first days after moving? It would be difficult to cook when you do not have a kitchen yet. These gadgets will make the job easier, and you will be able to cook during those first days. Make sure to include essential kitchen gadgets in the list of items you should pack last when relocating.