Tips For Renting An Apartment In Kuwait For Expats

Moving can be a tedious task. That is especially the case if you’re moving abroad. That’s why you need someone reliable on your side to help you move as easily as possible. Easy Move KW is here to step up and help you experience a stress-free relocation. On the other hand, if you’re here to learn more about renting an apartment in Kuwait for expats, you came to the right place. We will help you figure out how to move and settle in Kuwait as a foreigner like a pro.

How to prepare for life in Kuwait as an expat?

The good thing about moving to Kuwait as a foreigner is the fact that you are not alone. Many people relocate to Kuwait for various job opportunities. On the other hand, there are some people who visit in order to learn more about the culture and to get to know the country better. However, if you’re moving there, the good thing is that residential moving companies Kuwait offers will help you transport your belongings there safely. Since long-distance relocations such as this one require plenty of planning, let’s see what you can expect from life in Kuwait as a foreigner:

  • Finding accommodation is easy – There is no doubt you will find an apartment in no time. Thanks to the constant construction work, there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to finding a place to live.
  • Very low crime rates – Kuwait invests a lot of resources into keeping their country safe. Not only that but turning back on the crime is a part of their culture and they take it seriously.
  • High salaries without any income taxes – As an expat, you will be able to learn a lot of money and be able to send it back home to your family.
  • Networking options are diverse – Wherever you’re coming from, be sure to know that you won’t have issues getting in touch with your fellow countrymen. The expat community is huge and people are well-connected.
  • Plenty of sunshine – If you’re a fan of warm weather, bring your sunglasses as this is a country where the sun never stops shining.


A person checking tips for renting an Apartment in Kuwait for Expats on his phone while taking a walk by the harbor
Being a foreigner in another country can be quite overwhelming.


Renting an apartment in Kuwait for expats – tips & tricks

Believe it or not, Kuwait is quite a popular destination for foreigners. Almost two third of the country’s population consists of expats. They come to Kuwait for work purposes as there are plenty of job opportunities for anyone. The oil and finance industries are the backbone of this country. They make Kuwait one of the most appealing countries in the East to move to.

Before you get to Kuwait, you need to take care of the relocation process first. Besides the relocation itself, you need to know whether you’ll transport your car as well. Buying a car in Kuwait is expensive regardless of how much money you earn. That’s why considering international car shipping is a good idea.

A person holding a key
Renting an apartment in Kuwait for expats is really easy as there are are agencies that specialize in doing it faster and cheaper.

The first and most important thing to know about living in Kuwait as a foreigner is that you are not allowed to buy property. In case you’re moving to Kuwait and your company already made arrangements for your accommodation, that’s great news. However, many people relocate to Kuwait without arranging anything related to accommodation previously. The good thing is that there are many facilities that deal with these issues. So, if you’re moving to Kuwait as an expat, you can turn to diverse agencies that will help you find the perfect villa or apartment for you.

Diving deeper into renting an apartment in Kuwait for expats guide

As a foreigner, you need to learn how to manage your life in another country. One way is to figure out how to rent an apartment in Kuwait as an expat. Before getting into that, make sure to know you can use land transportation company Kuwait based to transport your items safely to this country. Actually, there are three different types of accommodation in Kuwait. They are:

  • Villas – These are large houses that are suitable for families with children. You can rent them for a decent price and live there freely.
  • Compounds – These represent large complexes with different facilities for recreation purposes such as gyms, pools, tennis courts, children play’s areas, and more. A lot of foreigners live there so you will easily fit in.
  • Apartments – On the other hand, there are classic apartment buildings in which you can rent a place. A lot of people opt for this as apartments are large and almost every building has its own underground garage. That is a great thing as it’s extremely warm outside and you shouldn’t leave your car outside.

What to expect from life in Kuwait as a foreigner?

Renting an apartment in Kuwait for expats is one thing. But there are also other things you need to learn when moving to Kuwait as a foreigner. We would like to note that you can use storage units Kuwait offers for all your belongings you choose to transfer here. On the other hand, here is what you can expect from life in Kuwait as a newcomer:

  • Excellent education system – There are many private schools in Kuwait that are amazing for your children. Also, college opportunities are various in this country.
  • Both public and private healthcare – You can choose whether to receive private or public healthcare. Either way, the healthcare system is very good.
  • A lot of outdoor activities – From visiting local beaches to museums, there are plenty of places to go to on your day off. You can visit Failaka Islands which are full of archeological ruins.
A Kuwaiti beach during sunset
There are many beautiful places such as beaches to go to on a day off.

Settling in Kuwait as a foreigner

After learning more about renting an apartment in Kuwait for expats, it’s time to pack your bags! Make sure to contact Easy Move KW to get a stress-free relocation experience while exploring your housing options. The good thing about life in Kuwait is that there are amazing job opportunities as well as housing options. Good luck and have a safe trip overseas!