Things to consider before moving solo to Kuwait

Are you considering relocating to Kuwait? Because this small Gulf country has a distinct culture, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with it prior to making the decision to visit. Although Kuwait lays in one of the driest, least-hospitable deserts on Earth, the country itself is very hospitable. Over time, you’ll learn to appreciate its beauty, culture, and those sandy views. Or at least you’ll get some of the best snaps for your social media accounts. To assist you, here are 5 things you should consider before moving solo to Kuwait, ranging from the local currency to how to legalize a document in order to facilitate the process of obtaining a work visa. We at Easy Move Kuwait will be here for you in case you have any further questions.

5 things to consider before moving solo to Kuwait

  1. The currency in Kuwait

    This is usually the thing that will first pop into people’s minds. Kuwait’s national currency, the Kuwaiti Dinar, is the world’s most valuable currency. A dinar is now about £2.68 GBP or $3.27 USD (as of 13 March 2017). Kuwaiti dinars and fils are used as money. A dinar is equivalent to 1,000 fils. The money is issued in the form of coins and notes of various values.

  2. The Temperature in Kuwait

    As with other Gulf nations, summers are quite hot. If you plan on relocating to Kuwait, you can expect temperatures of up to 50C. Fortunately, the majority of indoor sites are air-conditioned, so you should be able to avoid the heat even if you have to go out throughout the day! However, you will definitely need some time to acclimate.

    A girl considers moving solo to Kuwait
    One of the most important things to consider before moving to Kuwait is the heat.

    If you wonder how will you get used to the heat in Kuwait, check this article.

  3. The People of Kuwait

    Over 2.9 million non-nationals live in the country. That has improved trade and employment prospects. After the discovery of oil, the majority of this community relocated to the seaside region. The people of Kuwait are in general really friendly. As of 2016, it has a total population of almost 70% expats.

  4. The Lifestyle in Kuwait

    Kuwait’s pace of life is extremely slow. Things here move at a slower speed than what you know. Especially when it comes to bureaucracy or paperwork. If you have a deadline for anything – a piece of paper that requires a stamp or a visit visa that is about to expire – rest confident that it will NOT be met. Attempt to do tasks well in advance to avoid being left lacking.

  5. Legalizing documents in Kuwait

    Legalizing documents for Kuwait is comparable to legalizing documents for other countries, with a few notable exceptions. For instance, if you’re legalizing an educational document for Kuwait, you’ll need to submit proof of your greatest level of study. Other countries permit the legalization of any educational paper, regardless of its degree. However, most of the procedure for legalizing a document in Kuwait is the same. Your nation’s competent foreign affairs department must first review your paperwork. They will deliver them to the Kuwait Embassy in your country for legalization. After you receive the document back, it must be examined by the MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in Kuwait City to complete the legalization procedure.

Kuwait city skyline at night
Kuwait is one of the most suitable places for starting a new business.

There are two more important things to consider before moving solo to Kuwait. If you worry about safety, we’re here to console you. The death rate in Kuwait is one of the lowest. And overall, Kuwait is a very safe place to live and it has excellent healthcare. We also feel the need to remind you of this next thing. The sole mode of public transit available in Kuwait is via bus, as the country lacks a train system, metro, or trams. Kuwaitis are really big on cars. We highly suggest relocating your car as well. Don’t hesitate to contact car shipping Kuwait if you need any help with that. We hope you’ll enjoy your time in Kuwait. Take care!