The most common moving injuries

Relocating your items from one place to another is not as easy as it seems. Whether you are moving or packing for shipping to Bahrain, the moving process is always demanding. For example, packing the entire household makes us very tired and weak. And after we finish packing it is time for carrying boxes and loading. Unfortunately, this is the moment when common moving injuries happen. In case you are not used to hard labor, moving can be rough to your body. On the other hand, you are looking for ways to finish your moving tasks. Since there are so many obligations and jobs, the last thing on your mind is to slow down your tempo. However, rush and hurry never end without consequences. In order to save you from common moving injuries, we have gathered our team. Today we will talk about their experiences and advice on this topic.

What will save you from common moving injuries?

Preparations and only preparations. There is no better cure for unwanted things. Unluckily, often we find out about cure after something happens. For this reason, we want you to know why is so important to prepare for safely moving. The person that will save you the most from pain and injuries is yourself. Undoubtedly, your behavior is crucial here.

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Remember to prepare properly.

Your patience

Sometimes it is hard to control our emotions, especially when it comes to big things like moving home. Moving requires to know how to eliminate stress before something bad is happening. As you know, the moving process does not start on a moving day, but weeks before. This is the reason why people feel stressed out and anxious during the move. It is a long process when it is easy to forget about taking precautions. Moreover, we all want to get rid of too many tasks as early as possible. Stress and pressure we feel is the reason why we can’t be focused all the time. But if you are aware this task is too hard for you to handle, be ready to take as much help as you need.

Movers will save you from common moving injuries

Although packing belongings is not so easy, nothing can compare with the moving day. Now you realize why you must prepare for the moving day. The preparation includes finding reliable and experienced movers and packers Kuwait. Instead of you they will do preparing packing supplies and boxes, renting a storage unit, etc. If you don’t know where to find reliable movers, ask friends or family for a recommendation. Also, take time, and check specialized moving sites, read reviews from previous customers. In this way, you will make an informed decision and hire a company that will be able to fulfill all your needs.

Strained back

Definitely, this is one of the most common injuries during the move. Remember, no part of the body feels a move as much as your back does. When it comes to moving it is easy to forget that your back is one of the most important parts of your body. Even people who are in great shape can end up with the strained back. This injury is connected to moving heavy boxes and bulky furniture. The back injuries that can occur from lifting heavy objects range from sore muscles to herniated discs.

Movers are the best prevention for this

If you find a good moving company, with license, insurance, and positive customer reviews, it will save you not only from the serious back injuries but also from stress. Remember, moving far away from the current home is a moment when it is recommendable to hire long-distance movers. However, if you opt for a DIY move, beware of moving injuries. It is important to know your limits and skip lifting the items that are too heavy for you.

common moving injuries
Take care of your back.

Also, proper lifting technique will help you avoid back injuries. Extra advice, squat low to the ground using your knees and legs as much as possible, but not bend at the waist. Too much bending at the waist can place a tremendous amount of strain on your back muscles. However, just make sure to use common sense. If you know it is too heavy for you to lift, do not even attempt to do so. Once again, ask for help.

Broken Fingers and Toes

The moving day can be extremely demanding. So it is not uncommon that people drop heavy items and break fingers or toes. Injuries like this can cause long-term pain and overall inconvenience. So what about the prevention of broken fingers, hands, and toes? Wearing thick gloves and closed-toe shoes is the best way to avoid similar moving injuries. Also, taking care when packing your load can prevent injuries. So, forget about packing too many things in boxes, because the bottom of a cardboard box might break under their weight. Use sturdy moving boxes that are reinforced on the bottom and stop your belongings from fall out. This will prevent body injuries, but also keep your possessions safe.


Knee Pain
Protect your fingers and be careful with your knees.

Stay safe

As soon as you determine your moving day, be ready to protect your health. Purchase from eBay thick gloves and closed-toe shoes because they are a must for moving day. With all the running around, carrying boxes, and loading things into vehicles make sure to prepare your home and backyard on time. Make sure there is a clear walking path on a moving day. This will help you avoid tripping over items while transporting heavy objects. Also, don’t forget to always communicate with other people around you. Still, broken bones are not uncommon, particularly in the finger and toe regions. Following these steps will help prevent injuries to your hands, fingers, and toes during your move.