5 Types of Moving Boxes

Moving companies have classified a few types of moving boxes. It will make their jobs much more comfortable and better organized. Shipping companies in Kuwait all use a few types for their business. It seems evident that companies separate boxes per size. On the other hand, there area few essential classifications that you should learn.

  • Classifying per size is the easiest โ€“ but it still does not mean that you should separate large from small boxes;
  • Most of the companies have defined types of moving boxes by usage โ€“ you should separate those for fragile items from other ones;
  • There are a lot of different boxes, but if you choose one of moving boxes Kuwait, you will be able to use them for particular purposes โ€“ they have put them on unique lists.
You should prepare different types and sizes of boxes when moving

The easiest way is to classify types of moving boxes by size

People usually choose boxes per size. It is not an easy job, though. Although you may think that you need the largest ones, it is not so simple. There are boxes for small items, fragile pieces of furniture or valuable items, too. It is the reason why companies have a catalog of sizes.

There are three sizes of boxes

Companies usually define three sizes of boxes. Behind the large, there are medium and small ones. However, not every company will use all of them. Office movers Kuwait usually use small and medium boxes, for example. Large boxes are mostly for wardrobe or large furniture.

There are boxes for fragile items

No matter how large they are, companies will pack items differently depending on their sensitivity. Professional packers will use special boxes for your sensitive and fragile items. Companies use them as dish packs, custom crates, or pieces of art. They are usually divided and appropriately protected.

Usage is significant when defining types of moving boxes

Boxes are not the same. There are those that you will use for large and robust items. They are different from the boxes that you may use for fragile and valuable items. Moving companies make differences between them.

There are special boxes for dishes and kitchen supplies


For most of the people packing of wardrobe is the simplest. You just throw them in a large box. However, we must disappoint you. You cannot just put a pile of cloth in a box when moving. They will take a much larger space than you need. Also, you could damage them. There are large boxes that pack wardrobe as in a closet.


Believe you or not, but you should have a special box for mattresses. They are large, but still, you must protect them. However, when moving alone, people use the bed to protect other items. In that case, they put them in a box or bottom of the truck.

Mirrors are fragile and usually very valuable so learn to pack it properly


Mirrors frame quality is essential for moving. Sometimes it worth a fortune. It is the reason why the box for mirrors is one of the types of moving boxes. You can use it for glass tabletops or pictures, too.