The documents you need to ship your car from or to Kuwait

Moving internationally can come with many challenges and the biggest one of them is probably getting your car to the new destination. Above all, it’s the different regulations that make the job harder, more than any type of logistical problems that exist. For that reason, we at Easy Move Kuwait decided to help you out. We’ve decided to talk about the regulations and explain to you how to ship your car from or to Kuwait. It comes with a price and it comes with many rules you need to follow, but we’re sure that you’ll find it easy to understand them and respect them without problems. Here are just some of the interesting things you should know before you send your car on a long trip.

The price of the shipping

The price of the shipping will of course vary depending on many factors. Probably the biggest one is the distance from or where you’re shipping your car. Obviously, your car firstly needs to complete all the requirements needed. As you already can see and will see shortly, you’ll need International car shipping services like ours to make the job less stressful. The prices are also really steep so forget about trying to improvise and getting too much involved in the process. Other factors that can impact the price are the model of the vehicle, its size, but also if you want to ship something inside it. In general, prices range from 500$ to 3000$ depending on where in the world you’re shipping from or to. Also, have in mind that there are potential fees and charges you’ll need to pay after arrival to Kuwait.

A piggy bank
The price of shipping your car from or to Kuwait can vary from different factors

Import restrictions when you ship your car from or to Kuwait

Another thing you need to think about is that there are different restrictions that apply if you’re not a Kuwaiti citizen. For that reason, if you’re a foreign citizen you’ll need an employer to sponsor your shipment. Kuwaiti citizens don’t need that sponsor so they are free to move their vehicles. Those regulations don’t apply when shipping from Kuwait to UK for example. As a foreigner, you’ll need an employer and send the shipment in his name. Another recommendation is that your car can’t be older than 5 years on the date of your request. If none of these three requirements are met then your car won’t pass customs. Obviously, there are exceptions to these rules, for example, diplomats. In the end, you can always call the Kuwaiti embassy and check if your car meets everything it needs to clear customs.

Documents needed when you ship your car from or to Kuwait

There are certain documents that you’ll need when you ship your car from or to Kuwait. Another thing that will await you at the customs is the 5% fee, which is based on the price of the vehicle and marine insurance. You’ll need to give out some of the documents even before your car is shipped. Those documents are:

  • Purchase invoice
  • Power of attorney
  • Valid title of the car

After your car has been shipped these documents can also be required from you:

  • Letter from your employer ( for non-Kuwaiti citizens)
  • A temporary import permit
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Proof of ownership
  • Certificate of import
  • Certificate of origin

These are all the documents you’ll need to get your car in Kuwait. When you’re exporting it similar rules apply, but it will be easier if you’re a Kuwaiti citizen or have already imported your car and are just exporting it back.

brown paper letter
You’ll need a letter from your employer to ship your car to Kuwait

Ports of Kuwait

Kuwait has three big ports and all are in the Persian Gulf and near to Kuwait City. For that reason, it shouldn’t wonder you that they are used constantly for shipping cars from and to Kuwait. The ports are also where the most storage spaces in Kuwait are as they get larger shipments daily. As long as your car is eligible for a shipment you will need to show your letter from the employer and the temporary import permit. The roads are excellent and every major center in Kuwait is well connected by roads so you don’t need to worry about driving. Here are the ports you will ship your car from, or the ports where you’ll await your car:

  •  Doha port
  •  Shuwaikh port
  •  Shuaiba port

Shipping methods

When it comes to methods of shipping your car, there are three ways to do it. Every single one of them comes with certain advantages, but that comes at a price too. So depending on how fast you need your car, and on what your budget can handle, these are the ways to ship your car from and to Kuwait:

  • Via container service – This type of service is expensive but very safe and fast at the same time. Your car will possibly have a container just for itself, so it’s a method that allows you to put personal belongings in your car, even if you can’t do that with any other method of shipment. Another pro for the container is that it arrives quickly, so there’s no need for a long wait.
  • Roll on – roll off method – A perfect service if you’re only shipping your car. You won’t be able to put your personal belongings inside it, and the wait will be a little longer, but it’s the cheapest way of shipping.
  • Airfreight – The most expensive type of shipping, but it’s extremely rare anyway. Airfreight is used if exotic cars are being shipped and it rarely happens because of its price.
Container waiting to be shipped
Choose the best way to ship your car and the one that fits your budget

People love their cars, so it’s no wonder they want to take them everywhere with them. For that reason, we hope that our tips on how to ship your car from or to Kuwait have helped you understand what you need if you want to take your car with you. Also, our advice is also to check the policies of the Kuwaiti government as they get an update from time to time. There is a lot of paperwork to get your car, but we know you’ll enjoy it when it arrives.