The Documents You Need For Moving To Kuwait With Kids

It is not easy to get all documents you need for moving to Kuwait for kids. Especially if you are in a hurry. Even adult people cannot be that fast to collect all papers they need. When families are about, it is even harder to get documents for all. If you have troubles or doubts, hire one of the customs clearance services Kuwait, and organize this job on time. However, even if they help you, there are a few things that you should prepare alone.

Do not forget that you will go to a completely different country. It is for sure that your children will have a separate school system. You will surely have individual medical insurance, while pets if you have, should get all vaccines. However, do not be afraid of that. There are great companies that could help you with this.

Do not spoil children’s playing time and prepare them for moving faster

Documents you need for moving to Kuwait with kids that prove economic conditions

The first you should prepare when moving to another country is proof that you can live in that country. It means that you should prove that your monthly income is high enough to support your lifestyle there. It should not be hard if you come to Kuwait for a job. However, you should prove that your family could live in a new country with the salary you have.

  • Medical insurance is critical – it is crucial to prepare a proof that you have international medical insurance;
  • If you come to live in Kuwait with children then you should have a document from the school – it will show the grade your children have and other information;
  • Although you may come to Kuwait only with the child, you should prove that second parent accept that relocation and agree with it – one of the documents you need for moving to Kuwait is certificate about the partnership;
  • Permanent entrance needs allowance, too – do not rely on the fact that you will live shortly in Kuwait;
  • No matter where sea freight companies in Kuwait will bring you here, you should prove that you have come from that country.

You must have a high salary

Law in Kuwait is stringent and says that you must have a specific monthly income if you want to come here with the family. It means that you should have a salary of at least 250 KD if you wish to bring your family. It is why many people come alone here and after a few months bring family, too. Easy Move Kuwait could help you in organizing that job.

Child reading book
You should care about your children’s education, too

A work permit is essential, too

Some people come to Kuwait for a job. They can quickly provide a work permit for their coming. However, in situations when you do not have a stable job, you surely must provide useful documents to confirm that you have a salary. Only then can you prepare moving boxes Kuwait to bring family with you.


It is hard to live with a family without a place to live. The government asks to have an apartment (at least rented) before bringing the family here. It is a standard procedure in many countries. Luckily, the real estate market in Kuwait is large and offers a broad range of prices. You will surely find a pleasant place to live for favorable rates and conditions.

Copy of parent’s ID

As we said above, sometimes people decide to come to Kuwait to live alone, or with a child. The second parent must allow the children to live with their parents in Kuwait. Also, you must provide a document that proves that you are the parent of the children. The law demands from parents to write allowance by hand, to avoid all possible frauds.

Typical documents you need for moving to Kuwait with kids

No matter why you will come to Kuwait to live, it would help prepare a few standard pieces of paper. Some of them show that your kids are yours. Other ones provide essential information about the parents and family. Whatever it is, make sure that you have prepared documents that will allow your children to come with you.

Children playing
There are a lot of international schools in Kuwait to send your children

Child’s visa

Kuwait has strict rules about the visa and allowance for living in this country. If you want to bring your children here, you should prepare a passport and other parent’s contribution. Also, you should have children’s born lists and certificates about the parentship.

Other documents you need for moving to Kuwait with kids

Although most of the documents show essential information about the family, there are few that you may have. In some situations, you will be forced to show that you are prepared for this country. On the other hand, do not rely only on documents. Most of the time you will live in a new country with strange people.

School documents

You cannot bring your child to a new country without documents about it. If it is a child that goes to school, you must prove that it has an education. However, it is not hard to provide. Every school will write a paper with children’s information.

English dominant schools

Although you may feel that Kuwait’s schools are right for your children, you should not trouble your child. It would be hard for it to go to the local school. It is much better to send it to an international school that has a program in English. They will accept your child and adapt it quickly.

Learn about the culture and religion

Maybe it does not belong to the list of documents that you need to move to Kuwait, but you should do something alone. One of the most important things you should do is to prepare for this country. They have different cultures and religions and undoubtedly represent a new country for living. Do not avoid this chance to learn about the culture. You will surprise how great they are. For all other questions, there is the Kuwait embassy in the US.