How to protect your furniture for the move?

Moving can be exciting, but it can also feel like an overwhelming amount of work. Packing your furniture is one of the biggest components of your upcoming move. Whether you are hiring professionals or doing it yourself, your furniture should always be handled with a lot of care during a move. Because, when you arrive at your new home, you want your valuable items to be damage-free. Without proper precautions, wood furniture can get damaged. Besides, upholstery can be ripped, and glass can break. For these reasons, you need to learn how to protect your furniture for the move. All your possession need to be prepared before you hire shipping companies in Kuwait. So we decide to get you throughout every phase of your move. Keep reading our comprehensive article and prepare your furniture for transportation in the best possible way.

Learn to protect your furniture for the move

What does it take to protect your furniture for the move? The first thing you need to do is to gather the right materials and supplies for packing and protection. And then wrap your furniture pieces carefully, so you can make sure they survive the move in great shape. Besides, make sure to break down larger items before packing, if possible.

Remember to protect your furniture for the move.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to protect your furniture. From purchasing moving insurance to using the proper truck rental tools, here are compile tips for protecting furniture when moving. Fortunately, with proper supplies and some easy tricks, you can move your fragile furniture without worrying about potential damage. These furniture packing tips will work whether you are moving into a new home or relocating these items into a storage unit. Additionally, no matter if you opt for truck transport companies Kuwait or other types of transportation, your furniture will be safe. Proper protection will ensure your furniture pieces no matter what type of transportation you choose.

Explore valuation coverage and insurance options

Accidents happen, so get yourself prepare for it. Just because you are hiring professional movers, it does not mean items would not break or become damaged during the moving process. While many professional movers certainly treat your items with caution, others may not be so careful. Even the best movers make occasional mistakes when moving heavy items. So if you plan to hire professional movers, make sure to explore all valuation coverage and insurance options. This is the first step towards protecting your furniture when moving. Besides, your movers should provide you with several valuation coverage options. Be free to contact our Easy Move Kuwait experts and ask anything about valuation coverage you might be interested in.

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Check valuation coverage and insurance options with your movers.

Gather packing supplies to protect your furniture properly

If you believe that all you need to pack and protect your belongings are some cardboard boxes, packing tape, and moving blankets, we have bad news. Unfortunately, this is not enough. While these items will work with certain items, investing in a few more supplies is a must. Moreover, investing in supplies will ensure your move to a new home or relocation to a storage facility is flawless. Head to your local hardware store and look for supplies or shop it on Amazon. Consider purchasing the following additional items for protecting your furniture:

  1. Bubble Wrap
  2. Sofa and mattress covers
  3. Plastic stretch wrap
  4. Packing/sealing tape
  5. Sealable plastic bags
  6. Corrugated cardboard sheets

Generally, you should not place furniture in a truck without wrapping it in some sort of protective material. After you create your inventory list, then consider what you will need to move each piece of furniture. For example, items like couches will usually be wrapped in blankets and tape. Pieces like a lamp or mirrors might require using a bubble wrap.

Prep Furniture for Packing

Eiter you are relocating or preparing your furniture for storage in Kuwait, you need to protect every single piece.  Before you start packing, take the time to thoroughly clean and dust your furniture. Dust and other debris can scratch hard surfaces during the moving process. Cleaning the furniture before you move also means you won’t drag any unnecessary grime into your new home. Remove any knobs, casters, or pulls from your furniture. Take the drawers out of dressers and desks.

protect your furniture for the move
Keep in mind that protection is crucial.

The simplest way to ensure that your furniture makes it safely in and out of the home is to clear doorways. It means you can get extra protection by clearing the doorways and entryways of all clutter. Use doorstop and keep the doors open as widely as possible. This will make it easy to move furniture in and out of the home. Besides, this will protect the furniture from hitting wall corners while being moved. 

Disassemble what you can

Not all furniture items should be disassembled before the move. However, for those pieces that can be disassembled, we highly recommend you doing so before the move. Furniture pieces that usually need to be taken apart include bed frames, closets, tables, and modular sofas. Remember to remove the legs from tables and couches. Take bed frames completely apart. If you have kept the original assembly instructions, simply use those for guidance on how to deconstruct the item. Wrap all parts in plastic wrap or a protective covering. Place all parts inside a cardboard box or separate bags and label them correctly. Be careful and skip losing parts because it will be impossible to assemble it again.

Don’t move heavy furniture by yourself

You would be surprised how many people attempt to pick up heavy furniture by themselves without help. This is what you need to avoid. Therefore, this a hazard to the person lifting the heavy furniture. You can get serious injuries while such an attempt. But it is also a sure way to break or damage the furniture and floors. So make sure to recruit help for moving your furniture. Either you opt to recruit your friends or professional movers, you will protect your back but also protect your furniture for the move.