Summer maintenance tips for your Kuwaiti home

Summer heats are here, and it’s time to make sure you stay cool and refreshed in your air-conditioned home ready for the summer months. You are going to spend a lot of time at home during the summer heats so it is important to stay on top of your home maintenance issues before the heats even start. We at EasyKuwait have come up with a few summer maintenance tips for your Kuwaiti home.  By following them, you will ensure that your home remains comfortable for you and your family and you will also cut down your bills on electricity and AC. What’s more, your kids will be spending most of their time at home during the summer vacation months, the same as most Kuwaiti residents will,  so you should put a little extra effort into ensuring that your home is cool, comfortable, and well-maintained at all times.

Summer maintenance tips for your Kuwaiti home – indoors

If you are new to Kuwait and have just finished with packers and movers, you need to prepare your home and take all the measures to survive the Kuwaiti summer heat. Check this list :

Summer maintenance tips for your Kuwait home
AC is a must in Kuwait, maintain it regularly to stay cool and refreshed
  • Regular service of your AC units
  • Air Seal on your home
  • Add some insulation
  • Keep pest infestations under control
  • Keep an eye on humidity levels
  • Be aware of dust storms

Regular service  of your AC units

A properly working AC unit in the summer is a must. Say goodbye to comfort and sleep if your AC unit breaks down or doesn’t work at its full capacity.  The heat can become unbearable in both cases. To stop panting from the heat and avoid this,  make sure you get your AC units inspected and cleaned by professional maintenance companies on regular basis. The first sign that you should get in touch with an AC service company is the noise, odor, or lower temperature even if the AC is set on a full mode.

Air seal your home

Air leakage happens when outside air enters and AC cool air leaves your house uncontrollably through vents and openings. After the move, check your house for air leakage. The recommended strategy is to reduce air leakage by caulking your windows and doors. Also, caulk and seal air leaks where plumbing, ducting, or electrical wiring comes through walls, floors, ceilings. Have in mind that air sealing alone doesn’t eliminate the need for proper insulation to reduce cool air or heat flow through the building.

air purifier on the counter
Air purifier conquers high humidity


Does insulation work in the summer? Oh, yes. The insulation will prevent your home from overheating during the summer months. Insulation works well in warm and cold weather alike. Check how well your home is insulated and add some extra insulation for the best results of a cool and fresh home. By adding more insulation to your walls, you will reduce your energy bills, too.

Keep pest infestations under control

Pests are one of the many nuisances that can disrupt your summertime at home or any other time to that respect.  No one is entirely immune to infestation, regardless of how tidy your home may be. However, with the proper procedure, you can prevent and remove pests. The most common pests we see inside our homes during the hot months in Kuwait are mosquitoes and cockroaches. They love the heat. To keep mosquitoes away, you should use repellents inside and outside your home. Also, hang UV insect light traps near the entrances of your house to catch mosquitoes. Make sure there aren’t bits of leftover food lying around in your home as these attract cockroaches.  It would be a good thing to book a regular pest control treatment at the beginning of every summer to prevent and deal with pest infestations.

Watch on humidity

In general, the weather in Kuwait can be quite humid. Due to very high humidity levels, you can notice condensation on windows around August and September. Spending time in an environment with too much humid air can make you sick, especially from respiratory infections, asthma, and allergies. High humidity doesn’t just affect how you feel in your home. It also affects the general condition of your home. High humidity can warp wood floors, peel the paint of the wall, stain walls and ceilings and cause bad odors in your home. Consequently, this type of damage can lead to costly repairs. An easy way to remove excessive humidity from your home is to use a dehumidifier, take short cooler showers, fix any leaking pipes, move your house plants and use your air conditioner or ventilation fans.

upright portable fan
Use fans to fight humidity

Dust storms

You might be thinking how can duststorms affect you when you are safely sitting at home? Well, it won’t do you much harm if you take precautionary measures beforehand. Close those windows and doors. Make sure there are no open vents through which dust can enter. Don’t let the dust enter your home. It could cause breathing problems if you are suffering from pneumonia or asthma. On the other hand, if you are a healthy individual, you could develop allergies. So, investing in an air purifier is highly recommended. If there are any furniture or balcony umbrellas outside your house, be sure to bring them in or secure them in storage in Kuwait.

Summer maintenance tips – outdoors

  • Protect outdoor furniture – The summer heat, humidity, and dust storms can badly damage wooden furniture so keep it in your storage or rent one.
  • Get your swimming pool ready – Make sure to treat the water with appropriate chemicals and check if the filters are clean and working properly
  • Keep your garden healthy – Pay extra attention to your garden, you can save your garden by regularly watering it. If you don’t water your garden and lawn regularly, they can quickly wither. We recommend that you hire a gardener or take out an annual contract with a professional gardening company for a healthy garden.

Gathering these summer maintenance tips for your Kuwaiti home was a pleasant writing task in a well-cooled room during a summer hot day. We hope these tips will help you maintain your home, too in order, comfortably, and pleasantly cool during the summer.