Student Life In Kuwait

Like in any other country, student life in Kuwait is very interesting. If you organize it smartly, you can have a great time with your colleagues there. On the other hand, you will be able to have great moments as foreign as well with the domestic students. Studying in Kuwait is not as unusual as you may think. International movers Kuwait witnessed that there are more and more people which have chosen this country for studying.

Organizing student life is completely different than for any other person. As the opposite of businesses, students have completely different obligations. They do not have classic working hours, however, they could have more free time than other people. Since they do not have obligations to work, they could relax with money income. It affects the money income and quality of life, thus.

You will find a lot of friends in Kuwait as a student

How to organize student life in Kuwait?

It should not be hard to find amusement in Kuwait, even though you are a student. However, this place pays special attention to ex-pats, so you can be sure that they will do the best for your entertainment. If you are not sure how student life should look like, you should ask people who already live here. Students from all over the world come here and find great places for having fun.

  • The first obligation of every student is learning and following the rules – you should make a schedule of your daily obligations;
  • Lifestyle is surely different in Kuwait – however, you can hire international car shipping to bring at least one things that you loved from your old home;
  • Student life in Kuwait is particularly specific because of living that is different from the western world;
  • For some people the hardest part when life in a foreign country is finding a home and renting – however, there are great agencies that help in this case;
  • You should not forget that this part of your life demands adaptation – prepare for that and give some time to adapt.

The country struggles to raise

This country struggles to raise economically again, so you will face a lot of contrasts. However, movers Kuwait works hard and more and more in the past decade to bring ex-pats here. A lot of new companies have started working and make changes in the business atmosphere. It is the reason why they invest in education that much.

Invest in international studying

Since the country works hard to make them rich again, they have recognized international studying as a great part of that change. Foreign students come here to learn and study and bring fresh air and culture to them. If you ask business movers in Kuwait, they will share the enthusiasm of new businessmen for this country. It is the reason why you should rely on their organization and colleagues.

Good part-time jobs

Like any other student in the world, a student in Kuwait sometimes needs extra money to cover all costs and activities. This country, luckily, has recognized that need and offers great part-time jobs for every new student. You can choose between cleaning, leaflet distribution, and other services.

Students from all over the world study in Kuwait

Not easy for women

Unfortunately, there are parts of the country that not everyone could accept. We know that Islamic culture has special barriers for women. You will notice them when you are a student, too. However, this country changes so those prohibitions are loosened. Now you will be forced to ask for an allowance if want to drive, for example, but it is not forbidden for women.

Student activities are part of student life in Kuwait

Student life does not contain only fun and entertainment. If you have studied you know that there are a lot of other activities that you should have. Starting with sports activities, to hobbies, there are a lot of things that you can do in Kuwait. People who live there love to organize a lot of different happenings to make studying here easier.

Sports activities

If you like sport and play one of them, you will have a great opportunity in Kuwait. They have recognized the needs of young people to have an opportunity to play different games. You can involve in serious teams and clubs, or choose classic recreations.

Volunteer clubs

For many students charity work and volunteering in different organizations is very important. They know that our free time could be very important for somebody else. So, you can choose it as your student activity in Kuwait, too. There are sites and portals that describe student life and they will help you with that.


The best way to organize your student life is to become a member of one of the great student clubs in Kuwait. They could help you with learning, but also making free time better. They include writing, blogging and even having sports activities.

Students in a library with laptops
There are a lot of different clubs that you can join when a study in Kuwait

Warnings about student life in Kuwait

Like any other ex-pat, you should understand strict rules when living in Kuwait. Some of them are not obligated to strangers, but other ones are very important for you. While you can ask people for advice and learn much from the internet, many details you can find out from colleagues. However, do not worry about them, most of them rely on behavior in college.

Lot of homework

The learning program in Kuwait is based on a lot of independent work. It is the reason why you will not have too many school activities and work. However, they will give you a lot of homework like paperwork so you can write it at home. You can also involve in making projects with other students and make great new friendships in that way.

Phones are forbidden

Although every colleague in the world has the same rule, in Kuwait it is a very strict law. You must not bring a cell phone to the colleague. It does not include only exams, but the lectures, too. otherwise, you will risk staying without the phone.

Not acceptable friendships

Some things are still not freely allowed in Kuwait. It includes having friends of the opposite gender. Although it is not quite a strict rule, it could make a student’s life in Kuwait even harder. However, you can choose one of the great other ways to make friendships and still have quality time after lectures.