Storing Your Art In Kuwait

You surely could predict that storing your art in Kuwait will not be easy. It is a problem in any part of the world. Even with the best companies and organizations, you should prepare for it. The first you should look for are climate-controlled storage units that offer the recommended temperature for your pieces of art. However, it is only the first step in this job.

Pieces of art are very specific and sensitive. No matter if you have a picture, sculpture, or something else, you should be very careful with it. The first you should know for is how to protect it from damaging and humidity. There are some of the storages that offer only this type of protection. However, you should do all you can at your home and then send it to the storage.

A sculpture
There are lot of reasons to ship pieces of art no matter the price

Storing your art in Kuwait starts from choosing a good storage

No matter if you could be able to find special storage for pieces of art or you will adjust the existing one, you should pay attention to a few things. The first you should know is the temperature you need for your art. It is good to have special air conditions and protection for the pieces. In most cases, they make special types of art. You can make every storage good enough for pieces of art.

  • Wrapping is a great method, but you should not rely on that – there are a lot of ways to pack your art;
  • You should prepare for high costs when storing your art in Kuwait – in most case you will need special services;
  • People who work in packing of the art should be professional in this job – avoid newbies and companies without experience;
  • Shipping to Bahrain in every case include preparing of special documentation – for pieces of art you should be even more careful;
  • Avoid storages that are too hot, without climate and near to the water – you will have high problems to protect items inside.

Choose the right storage

The first you need is to choose the right storage. Everything that you will do after that will be easy. There are a lot of great storage units in Kuwait that you can choose from. The best part is that you can choose one of the professional helps in this field. Also, with good workers and advice, every room could be good enough for this purpose.

Climate control

Good storage must have climate control. It means that you need to have special devices that measure temperature and humidity and adjust the air to the acceptable value. Also, with good moving boxes Kuwait you will be able to pack items properly, so provide airflow and keep the freshness in the storage.

Avoid exterior wall

If you use one of the rooms in large buildings or galleries for storing art, you should choose them carefully. Experts recommend avoiding the exterior wall in this case. You will be able to protect items and still avoid high temperatures. Exterior walls also usually have problems with the humidity and sun.

Paintings are made of sensitive materials and colors so you should protect it

Avoid sunlight

You should avoid direct sunlight to the storage where are pieces of art. In galleries, people keep the valuable art in dark rooms with no windows. It also provides a lower temperature even in the warmest parts of the day. You should put at least protection on the windows if nothing else is possible.

Protection is crucial when storing your art in Kuwait

You surely know that every piece of art demands special protection. In most cases, it is a wrap, but you must be very careful with it. Many pieces of art do not allow plastic on them. Also, you will damage the wood frame or glass if not use it properly. So, be careful and do not wrap everything. The best is to ask professionals for advice.

Control the temperature and humidity

No matter what you have chosen for your storage, you should control the air humidity and temperature all the time. there are special devices for that purpose. However, you should be able to check the temperature in the storage in different parts of the day. Do it even before you put art there.

Do not wrap

You have learned tips on how to protect your artwork by now. However, you will see that it is not as easy as you may think. The first you will not see on that list is to wrap pieces of art in plastic. It is because of plastic damages paintings.

You should protect paintings from stealing, too

Protect angles from damaging

Paintings have special and very expensive frames that also need to be protected. The best way is to protect them with cardboard or special sponges. Use it even if paintings are out of the boxes. You will see how easy is to damage painting even if you just want to move from one corner to the other.

Safety should be in the first place when storing your art in Kuwait

Your pieces of art are precious but you should be careful with the people who work with them, too. You surely know that every piece of art could make damage or harm people. It is especially worth for large sculptures. People that work in the company are in the first place, so make sure that you have protected them, firstly.

Use special boxes

People who work in galleries do not make their packages for protection. There are a lot of specially made for these purposes. The best way is to purchase special boxes or crates that people use only for paintings. They are separated there and protected with airflow between them.

Protect from stealing

Maybe you have forgotten about it, but people steal pieces of art every day. One of the ways to protect them is to use special video surveillance, but also protection company. Also, take insurance, so you will protect at least partly your investment. When storing your art in Kuwait, you should control persons that go inside of your storage. It is a way to protect it, too.