Should you help your movers?

A question you may often ask when you are working with professional movers Kuwait is whether you should help your movers or not. Moving is a lot of hard work. Your movers may be packing your things, carrying it out and loading it onto a truck. But they don’t only work with boxes. They may be carrying heavy furniture and driving around in tough conditions. This is why you may have a need to help them with all this work. But should you really? Read this article to find out.

Help your movers when packing

If you are doing your own packing, you should do it before the moving day arrives. Once the movers are there, they should be able to just pick up the boxes and take them to the truck, not wait for you to do the last bits of packing. If you, however, cannot be on time, make sure you contact your moving services Kuwait a day or two before the moving day comes. They can send a mover or two to help you with all that packing, which can be very helpful. This way, you’ll do the job on time and you can move promptly.

Color-coding and marking your boxes can help your movers.
Color-coding and marking your boxes can help your movers.

Another thing you can do to help your movers is to use good quality boxes. You can even talk to the moving company and see if they have any they can lend or recommend. You need to use quality boxes because the movers will be stacking them in the truck to save space. Thus, you need to ensure you are using firm boxes that won’t break down and damage your items. You should also place packing papers in corners of the boxes, to ensure they don’t bend or break.

Try not to make the boxes too heavy, as well. If you are packing heavy items, use a light box and vice-versa. It’s also a great idea to mark all the boxes. This way, your workers will know where to place them when you arrive at your new home. This, again, shortens the moving time and the work they have to do. Even though it’s just by a few minutes, it is a way for you to help your movers. You can also make a floor plan for your movers to help them get around the new house easier.

How to help your movers when they are packing your items

Even when your movers are packing your items, there are ways to help them. You can do this by preparing and packing smaller items yourself. That way, your workers will be packing fragile things and expensive electronics, and the work they do will be more efficient. Another great idea is to take everything off your walls – painting, pictures, and decorations. You can just lean them against the wall for the movers to pick up. Also, you can find a special place in your house to place all the items, ready and waiting for packing. Another thing to do is plug everything out of the walls. Go through the cables and sort them out and mark them. You can also pack them yourself in small ziplock bags so they don’t get mixed up during the move.

Help your movers by easing their access

Another thing you can do to help your movers is easing their access to your home. Think about different ways in which you can do this. For example, you can clear the path to your house if you have cars or other vehicles or objects on it. If you are moving during the winter, you can clear the snow and put down some salt. This way, it will be easier for the movers to walk around – they won’t be slipping while caring your possessions.

Clear your driveway to help your movers.
Clear your driveway to help your movers.

You should also discuss your home before the move. Make sure they know if there is any difficulty in accessing your home. For example, low hanging wires, large trees, elevators, long driveways or a hilly terrain can make it difficult for workers to move around or even come close to your home with their truck. Some moving companies might even charge more if it’s hard for their workers to access your house.

There are also things you can do at your new home too. If there is a parking nearby, you can reserve a parking space for the moving truck. This way, the workers will know exactly where to go and will not have to think about parking as well. If possible, you can also reserve the elevator if there is one in your building. This way, your movers will not have to wait for other residents to use the elevator.

Other things you can do to help your movers

There are a couple of other things you can do to help your movers when the moving day comes. These include:

  • Getting someone to take care of your children and pets,
  • Supervise the movers,
  • Refreshments help your movers too!

Children and pets

Get your kids out of the house to help your movers.
Get your kids out of the house to help your movers.

Moving is a difficult process enough without kids or pets running around. You know how it’s stressful for you – to imagine how stressful it can be for those who don’t quite understand what’s happening around them. Get your friend to take care of your kids and pets on a moving day. This way, you will have one less thing to think about, and the movers won’t have to worry about hurting them in the process.

Supervise the movers

It may seem bossy to some people, but supervision is actually a great way to help your movers on a moving day. You are the person who knows best about what items need to go to your new home, and what items stay. You can also walk around the house and see if the movers haven’t left anything unintentionally. Try to be there on a moving day to help your movers in this way, as well.


Getting refreshments for your workers is a nice gesture. Ensuring they have bottles of water and they stay hydrated is a great way to help your movers. This way, they will be refreshed and more eager to work.