Renting Your First Apartment In Kuwait – The Things You Should Know

Renting your first apartment in Kuwait could be challenging, but not that hard as you may think. You are surely confused about the new life in this country. You are questioning how life goes on. It is not hard to pack and move all your life and come to a strange land to live in. However, you will surprise how life is in Kuwait, similar to your previous experience. Especially if you need to rent a new apartment. There are a lot of similarities with renting in other countries.

Kuwait has become an exciting city for investments and foreign companies. Thanks to economic growth in the past decade, they have built large cities. More and more ex-pats come here to live every year. Because of that, they have experience with ex-pats and renting apartments. However, you may feel a little surprised with the life there. You will be able to find an apartment even without the real estate agency. It could be a good or bad decision, depending on how careful you are.

Balconies with green plants
Kuwait has great new buildings for ex-pats

Options for renting your first apartment in Kuwait

As in any other country in the world, you can rent an apartment in Kuwait directly from the owner. There are a lot of ways to get in touch with them and avoid expensive real estate agencies. However, we would not recommend it for the first time renters in Kuwait. You can easily face the scam. Also, you should pay attention to many other details.

  • It is essential to know how the neighborhood looks like โ€“ you should check if they have a swimming pool or highway close to the apartment that could make noise;
  • The excellent apartment has climate since the temperature in Kuwait could be very high and unpleasant;
  • Do not forget to check the apartment’s stage โ€“ especially floors and walls, which could be damaged;
  • Maybe do not sound as smart when renting your first apartment in Kuwait, but you can avoid agency and pay much less;
  • Cargo companies in Kuwait will help you to bring your favorite furniture when coming to Kuwait, but prepare for the shock โ€“ previous owners have not obligation to clean or renovate apartment when leaving.

Real estate agencies are expensive

It is not news, though, but you should prepare for high prices of real estate agencies. Also, they offer a wide range of apartment prices. It would help if you learned to choose the most affordable offer for you. It could be hard when you come to the place for the first time. There are a lot of logistic companies in Kuwait that could help you.

Learn what mandoob is

It is a new word for you, but learn to remember it. Mandoob is a person that connects owners and clients. They could recommend your apartment, show, and help in finding a suitable apartment for you. After international movers Kuwait brings you here, you could be confused with it. It is good to have a person who could help you. They will charge you a small fee for it. However, be extremely careful, sometimes they could scam you.

Ask taxi drivers

It is not a typical job of a taxi driver, but in Kuwait, everybody could help you find a new apartment. It would help if you relied on their contacts and knowledge. Do not hesitate to ask people at work or in coffee shops.

Apartments are usually furnished

Another great thing about renting an apartment in Kuwait is that you do not need to buy furniture. Usually, they have at least important pieces of furniture when rent. They even have kitchen supplies, so you do not worry about expenses in the first place.

You will get even kitchen supplies in your rented apartment

What to check when renting your first apartment in Kuwait

Pay attention to small things and details. Sometimes you will have trouble to accept that your neighbor is different, or have noisy road nearby. However, the major problem when renting an apartment for the first time is how the apartment looks. There is a lot of damages on the wall that previous owners left. Learn to watch it on time.

Ask for climate and heating

It is not common to get an apartment in Kuwait with the climate. Although this country is known to high temperatures and humid in summer, they do not offer it that much. On the other hand, apartment with climatization could be much more expensive. So, ask for it and compare prices.

Check the neighbor

Sometimes, even not that important thing could ruin your days in a new apartment. It could be a swimming pool in a neighborhood, for example. It would help if you used to noise, crowd, and children that scream the whole day. Also, there are individual parts of the new buildings, called F-flats. Those are particular floors where they allow parties and women as visitors. It could make noise, too.

They could have different toilets

In this country, people use different toilets than western people. They called it squad. Although they are pure for applying, you may feel surprised. So, ask the owner for the bathroom and if they want to replace it for the western type of it.

Warning when renting your first apartment in Kuwait

Details and small damages on the wall are not that important as you may feel. The major problems are connected with the position of the building or lack of parking space. You will see how those details are essential from the first day of living in your apartment.

There are more and more new modern buildings in Kuwait every year

They will not clean for you

Western people are used on some standards when first time renting is about. However, you may surprise in Kuwait. They will not clean or paint the walls before leaving the apartment. So, prepare for extra costs.

Make photos

It should be general advice when renting an apartment. You should take photos of the studio right after moving in. In that way, you will have proof of the stage that the condo had when renting it. Kuwait’s property prices are different, but do not pay more than you need for repair when moving out.

You may not have parking space there

There is a problem with parking spaces in Kuwait generally, so buildings do not have enough parking spaces. It would help if you prepared for that option, too. However, do not allow yourself that something like that ruin renting your first apartment in Kuwait. There are a lot of great ways to organize transport there.