How to find reliable moving companies?

Moving to another place is rarely an easy task. The fact is that moving is among top 5 most stressful occasions you’ll experience in your life. This is why people who had an opportunity to move to another place will recommend you hiring movers when thinking of relocation. But not all Kuwait movers are good to be hired. On the contrary, there are so many rogue and fraudulent movers. Therefore, we decided to help you with a few tips on what to pay attention to when looking to hire reliable moving companies. This isn’t an easy task, but with a little time and effort, it’s something everyone can do. All you need is a know-how to recognize red flags and avoid moving scams. Read this article and prepare for hiring reliable movers!

Hire only the moving companies you are sure you can rely on

Ste by step to finding movers you can trust
Guide to hiring movers you can trust

This is easier to say than do. But being aware of the fact that there are so many moving scams you can run into is something that should make you put an effort and do your best to make sure you hire reliable and reputable help for your move. But how to do that? You might ask. There is no some magic or ideal tactic that works all the time. Instead, there are several steps that will help you check-up the moving companies and decide what’s the best solution for you. Here is what we suggest you should do:

  • Make a list of moving companies- Have at least 5 companies on your list. The more candidates the better the chances reliable moving companies are among them.
  • Do a thorough background check of all the companies from your list- Be very cautious when checking the movers, pay attention to every tiny detail.
  • Pick the company offering the best quality of Kuwait moving services for an affordable price- Get to know what services you would be provided with and how much you would pay for that.

To give you a deeper insight of what you should do, we will try to give you a detailed explanation of each step.

A list of movers you could potentially hire

Making a list, it shouldn’t be difficult, right? Well, yes and no. Sure, you can always find dozens of companies everywhere, but how could you know whether or not those moving companies are reliable? Or at least potentially reliable? If searching without a plan, you couldn’t possibly know that. This is why we suggest you create a list of moving companies using these sources:

  • Your family and friends: They are the people you trust, so asking them to recommend some reliable moving companies would be the best option. You wouldn’t even have to check those companies thoroughly, given that your friends and your family wouldn’t suggest some rogue movers.
  • Your acquaintances: They are not your first circle of trust, but you can still rely on them. If someone from your work moved lately, they could make a recommendation of what companies they think are reliable enough.
  • Other sources: The Internet, commercials, ads etc. This is the least reliable source. However, if not a single person from your environment can recommend moving companies reliable for your move, you still need to find the movers. However, even if you find a few companies using first two sources, you should still add a few movers to your list, so you can use these sources of information.
To find reliable moving companies, you should use different sources of information
Use various sources of information to find reliable moving companies

As we said, you should end up having at least 5 moving companies on your list. This way it will be more likely that you’ll find a perfect moving company for your move.

A background check – Separating reliable moving companies

As you might suppose, this is the most important step when searching for reliable moving professionals. No matter what source of information you use to make a list of potential movers. Simply, you must make absolutely sure that you are dealing with a moving company that won’t steal your items, charge you significantly more than you agreed to, damage your belongings etc. How to do that? Here are some things you need to check:

  • Do they own a required licensure – Only a moving company owning a proper license to conduct the moving business on the territory where you’re moving is reliable enough. If some company on your list lacks those licenses, it’s not a mover you should hire.
  • How do they respond to emails and calls – Do they use the company name or not? If they are replying only with ’the movers’, or ’the moving company’, you should remove them from your list.
  • What are the experiences of previous customers – How satisfied are the people who used their services before? Is there some serious complaint? How serious it is and how many of them are there? If there are some serious problems, check on them, or simply walk away on such a mover.
  • Are there accusations of a moving fraud – If there are, where there is smoke there is fire too. IN most cases. So, either do a thorough research whether or not those accusations are true or false or, again, walk away.
  • Do their workers wear uniforms with the name of a company – If yes, great. If no, why wouldn’t the workers have a clear sign who they are working for? How can you be sure who came to your home if there’s no the name of a company you hired?

These are the most important steps to take when checking a moving company. However, besides these 5 steps, if you notice something strange, raise the red flags! The fraudulent movers became sophisticated and difficult to discover on time, so be very cautious!

Picking the right company

How to make the right choice?
Learn how to make the right choice

After you made sure there are only reliable moving companies left on your list, you should pick the best among them. How to do that?

  1. Require a moving estimate – Know the price you’ll pay in the end if you hire each mover from your list.
  2. Ask for a list of moving services you will be provided with – To compare moving companies having an information about the prices is not enough. You also need to know what are you paying for.
  3. Is there a moving insurance included in the price – If yes, what is the coverage of that insurance?
  4. Do they offer storage solutions – You might have a need for a storage after the move, so we suggest you hire a company offering such an option. It’s a lot easier to store your items in the storage of your moving company than to search for a storage separately.

After you do everything, all that is left is to choose the best option. And the best option is the moving company offering the most services of at least reasonable quality for the lowest price, or a company offering the lowest price for some services all the companies offer. Taking care of saving money on your move is important, but making sure you’re hiring only reliable moving companies is essential. This is why we left the matter of money for the end.